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But if a bird escapes isn’t it pretty much gone? Don’t they fly to Queens or something? I think I read an article about all the escaped birds flying to this one tree in Queens. I swear I’m not making this up. I think it was in the New Yorker a few years back… For the record, I do hope they find Timmy.

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  • Doesn’t matter. You still have to try.

  • Reminds me of ‘Parrots of Telegraph Hill’ in which all the parrots of the Bay Area fly to and live in a park in the city. It’s a great documentary. Some birds get picked off by a hawk though…

  • oh no! that parrot belongs to one of our neighbors. its so sad. after he came by asking us if weve seen it i kept hoping it would fly in one of our windows and wed save the day! no luck yet though.

  • You can sometimes get them back. A few years ago when I lived in CA a boss of mine lost his African Grey. It took two weeks of searching, tracking her, sitting near where she’d been seen with her cage and food, and lost/reward posters but she was eventually found in the parking lot of an REI about 15 miles away. It was a lot of luck, admittedly.

    Poor Timmy, I hope he gets found.

  • Brooklyn, not Queens. These are monk parrots around Brooklyn College: Prince, I thought you were born in Brooklyn?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I was but I’m telling you there is also a spot in Queens…

  • I think parrots are very sociable. The DC area doesn’t have many wild parrots, so I there’s a good chance he’ll come home or be found. Unlike San Francisco or New Orleans, where there are large populations of wild parrots. It was an amusing twist to animal rescue in NOLA.

  • According to the sign Timmy has been gone since September… he’s probably joined the Moonies by now.

  • About 3 years ago I saw a yellow and green parrot fly by me in Mt Pleasant. I spun around asking no one in particular, “Was that a parrot?” I told someone the story and they said it belonged to a Mt Pleasant neighbor desperate to get it back. All I can say is that it was traveling with pigeons and flying easily twice as fast as the pigeons if not faster. But I know that at least one summer there was a parrot living in rock creek park.

  • With any luck he is picking off the rats. My needs aside, I hope he comes back, ya never know.

  • Usually pet birds…especially of this size…you clip their wings. It seems if he got away he was in need of a clipping. Everyone listen for some odd screaming or talking. He’s probably nearby.

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