Mural of the Week

IMG_4365, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is one of my favorites located above the U St. metro on 13th and U St. I dare anyone to disparage this one…

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  • actually, there is one person out there who might disparage this mural a little. let me explain. i read an interview (i think in the city paper or the intowner, i forget) with the man who painted the mural. you’ve framed this picture perfectly, PoP, as you’ve cut off the extreme right side. if you have a picture with the full mural, you’ll see that the keys on the side are extended a little further over to the right, in a slightly different color than the rest of the keys nearer to duke ellington’s face.

    anyway, when the mural was orginally down at ground level (before the building there over the metro station was built), it was smaller, and when the building went up, the mural had to be moved to its current location overlooking the metro plaza. when that was done, the additional area to the right was added. it wasn’t exactly terrible, but the artist who painted the mural thought that it took away the perfect balance he felt it had before.

    so there you go…..but i agree, it’s an awesome mural!

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