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IMG_5698, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From outside the Carlos Rosario International Charter School at 11th and Harvard.

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  • What is the deal with all these charter schools opening up? I’m just curious. I don’t know anything…just that they seem to be popping up everywhere!

  • Rosario used to be a public adult education center funded through DCPS, located in the building used by Hardy MS. Ten years ago, the Board of Education voted to withdraw funding from adult ed. This move closed Rosario, Armstrong and other schools serving adults with GED prep, ESL, adult basic education (pre GED) and career classes. Several years later, Rosario’s founder obtained a building and funds to open Rosario again, this time as a charter school to serve the needs of mostly adult immigrants. It’s a beautiful facility, fully staffed and who knows where charter schools are getting the money. Though it never seems to get put in teachers’ salaries.

  • “Literacy is Glob”? Come on, fix that for crying out loud.

  • Rosario also offers free Spanish classes to adults living in the neighborhood.

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