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IMG_5612, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

From upper 14th Street. I think the salad looks quite good.

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  • Holy cow, this looks like it could be a good thing! Where on 14th? Anyone try this pizza yet? (Sorry, although I like Redrocks, I still don’t think it’s the best pizza ever).

  • Yes, I tried it, delivery. Its pretty nasty american style pizza (IMO).

  • Are those fried eggs in the salad? And do those look like sliced up tuna rolls to anyone else?

  • It is pretty cheap, American-style pizza.

  • The good thing about Washington Pizza is that they will deliver your pizza in 30 minutes. The pizza itself is pretty meh though.

  • Did I mention that Moroni Brothers is worth the drive? :o)

  • I refuse to ever order pizza from these guys because every few months, they leave delivery menus all over the neighborhood. Not just in mailboxes, which would be fine, but rolled up and left in bushes, tucked in fences – all sorts of random places, which means they very quickly end up all over the street as litter. As if we don’t have enough of that in CH already.

    The rolled up things look to me like rolled and sliced ham, cheese, salami, etc. Pretty typical for a salad from any Italian/pizza place where I grew up in NJ.

  • Are those marrow bones or tumors in the salad? Sorry, this doesn’t want me make to eat their food. Or change my mind about most murals looking tacky/ugly!

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