Meet Marvin For Real This Time

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Arguably the most anticipated new bar and restaurant, Marvin, has opened on 14th Street just north of U Street. This was the bar that had the soft opening last week. If you like Eighteenth Street Lounge and Local 16 you are going to love this place. It mirrors a similar exclusivity like ESL as you can only spot the place by a tiny sign (pictured) on its front door. But don’t be fooled by that subtlety. Despite the muted decor on the outside it is quite swank on the inside. You’ll find the restaurant on the first floor. The restaurant has a Belgian theme and offers Steak Frites ($24), Lobster Waterzooi ($25), lots of Moules Frites choices ($16), a Marvin Burger ($15) and a number of other choices.

On the second floor you’ll find a small bar, a DJ area, a small sitting space, and this is where I imagine the dancing will take place.

But perhaps the greatest feature is the nice spacious outdoor bar and deck. This area will open year round and will have heaters in the winter.

Marvin is a super cool space but make sure to bring plenty of cash. Draught beers run $6 for a Stella to $8 for a Duvel. A glass of the pinot noir cost $9. And of course they have all the Chimay colors in bottles for $8. I thought I was going to feel a little out of place in jeans and a track top but the dress was rather varied from pretty posh to, er well, jeans and track tops. It was pretty damned crowded for its first weekend open so I have no doubt that this is going to be a must visit destination for many.

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  • I guess making generic electronica wasn’t enough (or making enough) for the ESL guys…

    There are some places that I’m not cool enough to go to and spend $15 for a burger. Then there are places that are not cool enough for me to spend $15 on a burger at. This place is the latter. I mean, I know these guys wish they were cool enough to be in NYC, but there’s no reason to charge customers NYC prices.

    And the no signage thing? Gimme a break with that jazz. Again, you’re not cool enough for that. Evidence: the guy in the fleece, high-water khakis, and Reeboks in the last photo.

    Maybe if they put a proper sign out front they could drop the prices to something close to reasonable.

  • $15 burger is deal breaker.

    And just plain outrageous.

  • Good lord. I understand city prices and all, but this place seems, well, overpriced. Though it does look nice. Guess its time to tell the woman she’s gonna have to get a second job…

  • Why are there no women in the bar? Is this bar geared toward men?

  • Hmm.. I am not sure the interior and what ever you call that material of those outdoor chairs matches with the uber-hip aura they are trying to achieve. I am not sure what’s so special about 18th Lounge either.. other than.. err.. its loungy feel.

  • i’d pay $15 for a decent burger, and in fact, i have on many occasions.

    not because of any “coolness” factor, kids, but because i’m an epicurean.

    it’s not always about ‘coolness’. sheesh!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I took these pictures before the place filled up. Rest assured there were plenty of women patrons as well!

  • Yeah, the outdoor stools are a somewhat reminiscent of… The Golden Girls? But I’ll drop $15 on a burger to give it a shot to see if it’s worth it. If it is, that’s a bargain.

    To the commenter who’s knocking the Reeboks etc– that’s just part of DC. We’re really not all together that “cool” or attractive as a people. But that’s okay, we’ve got great personalities 🙂

  • In defense of the $15 burger, anything in that location will have steep prices. Sure, a BK or McDonald’s could do enough volume to be there and afford the $30-$40 psf rate. Imagine running a place with a $100k-$200k (estimated) monthly lease, unless you are constantly packed (BB&P?), its almost impossible to keep the prices low.

    It’s a little pricey, I agree, but the alternatives are much worse, I wouldn’t be able to take another Quizno’s

  • Jason: charcoal, ground beef, bun & condiments = $1 per delicious burger.

    Lil’ Gal to cook it = priceless.

  • I can think of at least 10 places in this city that will make a sufficiently tasty burger for under $10. They may not have the cool cachet of a Thievery Corp establishment but on the principle of the matter alone, I can never bring myself to pay more than $10 for a hamburger.

    Poo poo: Just curious, what would make a burger worth $10? What ingredient can you put in it, what grilling technique can you use to justify such a steep cost? I would argue that the burger at Temperance Hall (a bargain at $8) is near the pinacle of bar burgers and almost half the cost of Marvin’s.

  • $15 is a lot for a burger, my point is that they don’t do enough volume to lower the price

    Matchbox is my #1 burger, followed by Five Guys or Palena

  • If I ate hamburgers, I would pay more for a grass-fed, free range, organic burger, or one made with some sort of exotic meat, or one with really good cheese/vegetables on it, or homemade bread, or some combination of the above. But it’s all subjective and sometimes someone doesn’t want passable or sufficiently tasty, s/he wants something really amazing. Sometimes price isn’t everything.

    I don’t necessarily want to defend this place since it looks goofy to me (and those stools are definitely Golden Girls!) but since they have a $25 lobster plate along with the burger, I don’t get the idea that they are trying to fill the cheap eats or even bar pub niche. When you go out to a restaurant, you are paying more than the cost of the ingredients, as we all know. These prices aren’t cheap, but who knows, maybe the food is worth it. Does anyone know who the chef is?

  • On the burger thing: Even Palena, IMHO the best restaurant in DC, only charges $10 for a burger. And that place will ALWAYS be cooler than any ESL joint. I realize it’s a restaurant and not a lounge, but seriously. Why are people willing to pay extra for perceived exclusivity? Does having a red rope, a stupid dress code, an arrogant bouncer and outrageous prices REALLY create the kind of place that anyone with more depth than the reflecting pool would enjoy?

    I guess rich, shallow, and/or easily impressed people also need a place to hang… birds of a feather, after all.

  • $15 is way too much for a burger even in D.C. And I don’t buy the volume argument. Temperance Hall makes a pretty good burger and even when they first opened they never charged anywhere close to this outrageous price.

  • Bonnie, Temperance Hall rent is probably quite a bit lower than this place, though (part of Jason’s argument).

  • Wow, I’m really surprised by the snarky tone of many of these comments, I’ve gotta chime in.

    1, Thievery Corp are one of DC’s only claims to musical fame. It seems wherever you go in the world these days, the kids are digging the TC. I’m not saying has to like their music, but let’s give a nod to that fact, and that they’ve made a point of keeping their DC roots, working with great local talent like the late Pam Bricker, designer Neal Ashby, etc. For those of us that want a less provincial DC, the TC/ESL empire is one of the few homegrown lifelines.

    2, in both music and places, they’ve been innovative by any standard – helping define quality electronica and then constantly pushing the boundaries with each album and creating a cool lounge when lounges didn’t exist in DC.

    3, I understand the sticker shock issue with the Marvin menu, but keep in mind they bought a whole building (at 14th and U no less), gutted it, completely redesigned the inside to be tasteful yet unpretentious in keeping with the trend in many good NY places. Eric claims the food will prove to be outstanding, and if you’re trying to keep a high standard in that regard it won’t also be bargain prices. If the burger is very good and is part of a rounded entree with some kind of sides, 15 bucks is not a particularly expensive restaurant meal these days. You’ll pay more than that for a martini in some places. It’s not really fair to compare it with bar food or what you’ll pay to grill yourself.

    4, I don’t think Marvin is trying to be uber-hip. I suggest everyone take a little peek before judging. It’s trying to be a quality place for people that want that. I haven’t had the food, but I can vouch for the successful feel of the inside. Even though it’s created from whole-cloth, it almost feels like they simply revealed and polished what was once there. Very natural.

  • for all you haters…i’m sure you spend obscene amounts of cash on your electronics and monthly cable/cell phone/on demand bills….just fork over the cash for a nice night at a new place! i think it’s GREAT that the TC guys haven’t sold out and give back to DC.

  • Bill, very fair points, and I should have reserved my tongue in cheek “uber-hip” accusation.. its probably more the “media-hype” that caused me to say that. In my view, there is not that special about 18th St. Lounge, at least not anymore. So I am a little puzzled why Martin should be labeled to be or actually be the “arguably most anticipated new bar and restaurant”… 🙂

  • Bill: Actually I’m a huge fan of TC. I love seeing them at 9:30 club and the other random places they pop up and put on shows Luckily, I don’t have to go to a snooty overpriced eurotrash joint to see them and enjoy their music!

    Anonymous: My monthly cell phone bill is around a hundred bucks by the way. That’s quite a bit, to be sure, but I can guarantee you I get much more value out of that than the 2-3 hours at one of these joints that it would take me to blow the same amount of cash…

  • wow…boooring….well then stay home and go to the same place over and over again.

  • thank you bill (and others) for having some sense
    first, what thievery/the esl partners have done in dc is great. they’ve stayed local while blowing up internationally. they couldve run off to another us city (nyc, la, whatever) or europe and done similar things there but they’ve chosen to stay in dc and continue to develop here. musically most artists they work with are dc based so that is great too. other than go-go, they are really the only other local representatives currently on the music scene (and go-go doesnt reach out of the area really).

    the lounge itself is nice especially to hear some great dj’s spin. as for the price, bouncers, and dresscode i can’t really say too much great about that aspect. i hate dressing up and dealing with snotty people but sometimes i will just for the music part of it. once inside its never too bad unless its overly crowded. and all the parties involved with thievery and esl are friendly people who don’t come off as high and mighty and are quite personable so sometimes it makes me wonder how the bouncers at the lounge get that way (power trip probably).

    as for marvin, i will most def check it out sometime. the whole burger argument is kind of silly. i agree that it is expensive but temperence. for example. if you add cheese and bacon you are over $10 just like that so $15 isnt so far away. plus i’ve found that temperance burgers are genrally undercooked. and rents are i’m sure are worlds apart. also, do you really go to a “fancy” restaurant for a burger? so hopefully once if you decide to go there it will be a nice place to hang out and a little more laid back than the lounge (the pictures make it feel that way for sure)

  • Hmm, when I think of Petworth and my reasons for why I decided to live here, $15 burgers on U St doesn’t really appear high up on my list. In fact, what I like about Petworth is that, to me, it represents the exact opposite of a pretentious $15 burger.

    That price is indefensible, even though some have tried with their comments.

    There’s no way a $15 burger is a “bargain.” Even if it is made with better ingredients or technique, it will only be marginally better than a $10 or $8 burger.

    In fact, I bet the only reason it exists on the menu is so the people who go there can appreciate by some burger-price-index comparison just how swanky their hot new lounge is!

    Furthermore, this lounge is right in the HEART of U St — which is not even an adjacent neighborhood to Petworth! Is this on here because of its proximity? It is 2.3 miles from Grant Circle to 14th and U.

    What else is 2.3 miles away? Langley Park, Maryland! Does Prince of Petworth ever talk about that diverse and lively neighborhood? .. about its affordable and delicious food prepared by enterprising members of African and Latin American diaspora? No?

    Of course not. This post isn’t really about how Petworth is. It is about how some wish Petworth could be.

    $15 burgers? Not for me…

  • In PoP’s defense, I think he walks/travels up 14th St on his way home from work. The man writes about what he sees. It’s his blog. If he wants to write about Texas, he can (but I wouldn’t read it).

    I once had a professor give me crap about a project because he thought it should’ve been about something else. He actually graded me on the subject rather than the content. How stupid is that? Any chance you’re an econ professor?

  • I wouldn’t go so far as to say a $15 dollar burger is a “bargain” and I don’t think anyone here has said that. I also don’t think that if you choose to eat an over $10 burger (which seems to be the burger line in the sand that has been drawn and if you go over that, well, end of the world) that you are a complete asshat and only want to talk about how expensive it is to impress your friends.

    (I am still wondering who the chef is…I’ve poked around online but not found anything.)

  • @pinkytime:

    You should try reading the comments before posting. And I quote:

    “But I’ll drop $15 on a burger to give it a shot to see if it’s worth it. If it is, that’s a bargain.”

    -Anonymous (9th comment down)

    And I would assert that anybody paying $15 for a hamburger is at least 75% asshat, and I would prefer not to live near him.

  • Oops, sorry, I take that back. I don’t think the commenter meant it in a monetary sense, but I should not assume and I stand corrected.

    Wow, I had no idea so many mean people lived here in Petworth.

  • I am no more mean than the hipsters standing up for the $15 hamburger (not to mention the prices on the rest of their menu).

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Alright take it easy there. No need to get personal. Jaysus we are talking about a bar here. Please. Thank you.

  • I was able to check out the opening last Friday…the place is great and I’m really happy to see it in the neighborhood. If you like Local 16, Chi Cha, Saint Ex, this is exactly the same music/type of people.

  • My argument is not an ad hominum attack against the Thivery Corp guys, rather its purely economics. I don’t think you can say anyone is “mean” just for pointing out the fact that it is indeed ludicrous to shell out $15 for a burger. I mean, honestly, what’s the mark up on that? 400%, 500%?

  • Whats the mark up for a beer? usually 500%

  • or a bottle of vodka at a club…argh!!

  • Bill: If a burger off the grill isn’t better than what you get at any resturant you are doing something terribly wrong.

  • PoP,

    Thanks for the tip. I fashion myself as a local know it all, but for some reason this one escaped me. I’ll give the place a try… Yay for U Street!

  • Jason-

    Good point. I would say that $8 for a Duvel and $6 for a Stella are probably well over 500% if they’re coming from the tap. However, a hamburger is something I can grill in my back yard while a tasty Trapist ale or Belgian lager are out a bit out of my leauge.

    Plus, we’re kind of comparing their burger prices with other establishments, not the beer prices. They’ve basically doubled the cost of a burger from $8 to $15…so in beer terms, that’d be like paying $10-$12 for a single draft. And if that were the case, I’m sure we’d all think it steep.

  • $15 buck is a little crazy rent or no rent. U Street gets enough foot traffic to make that establishment profitable.
    While I understand that this is a post about Marvin (named after the late DC native, resident of Belgium and music legend Marvin Gaye), i did want to chime in on Bill’s uninformed comments about TC/ESL being “one of DC’s only claims to musical fame”.
    To the contrary DC has very rich musical history that has informed music movements and cultures around the world, from John Phillip Sousa and Duke Ellington to Dischord Records (Minor Threat, Fugazi, etc). Although I like the TC/ESL product and they have been able to reacher broader audience because of the internet and other delivery technologies that get the music to the consumer faster, comparatively they have done less than a lot of their musical predecessors to change the landscape of music around the world while representing for DC.

  • Here are my thoughts. I generally am not going to spend $15 on a burger unless it’s something special. As such, I probably won’t order a burger at Marvin’s. That’s the great thing about a free market…I can speak with my wallet.

    Second, isn’t it a bit of a stretch to make assumptions about a person based on his or her burger-spending habits? I mean maybe this person is very wealthy so it doesn’t matter. Maybe he or she just doesn’t care. I’m sure all of you spend money on things that one person or another would think is a waste. I mean Oden spends millions on all of those 10 gallon hats – I would never do that.

  • “S” does point out something though. This happens every once and a while when PoP posts about a place a large portion of us will never want to go to regardless of price. When some of us point out that such places are a waste of money and time some people take it as a personal affront. It’s not. I used to spend loads of money at trendy places before I had a Lil’ Gal to answer to, and before I stopped taking massive amounts of powerful drugs.

    If you like going to the latest hot spot and getting took, that’s your right, but don’t try to convince us it’s simple economics like we haven’t got any sense. $15 for a burger is beyond silly and all you are really paying for is to be at the “it” place; just admit it and be okay with it. Again, all of this is fine and no reflection on you as a person, and if sitting in an expensive dive listening to random electronic squeaks and samples of The Fixx played backward through a broken rotary telephone gets you all a-twitter, then have at it. Just lay off the rationalizing. There are some things that don’t need to be explained — and there is no amount of ‘splaining for some things, like my wardrobe in 1988.

    And by the way, will you damn kids stop listening to my old records from the ’80’s? There is a reason we sold them to pawn shop.


  • For those interested in the decor at Marvin, here’s their inspiration:

    I tried to find a photo of my favorite Marvin Gaye outfit, a lime green tux with light green shirt and monestrous ’70’s bowtie, but it is apparently illegal to possess that image in due to it’s disgusting obscenity.

    Trouble Man was a fantastic singer (no Otis, but still fantastic). However, as a fashion icon he ranks right above Leo Sayer and just below Gary Glitter.

  • For the record, I don’t think saying the place is too expensive for you is mean in any way– I will probably not ever go there, prices notwithstanding. Pauper hit it on the head…it’s the making assumptions about other people based on what their burger spending habits are. And sure, you can make those assumptions if you want, but I can think you are mean for doing so.

    (Now if someone around here can just tell me what I CAN spend money on, that would be nice! Cars are out, clothes and accessories are out, fancy food is out….what’s left? Gold bouillon? A yacht? A hose for the front yard that doesn’t leak?)

  • so this place IS named after marvin gaye…interesting… its in the spirit of the ellington apartments -a nod (if you will) to marvin’s dc roots, and the old u street.. (metaphorically speaking) wonder what marvelous marvin would think? he had mixed feelings about dc. he found it provincial, conservative… can you imagine? ( smile). guess he too was on the meters side of the ancient metersvs. zones debate…and he didnt like the redskins… dont tell the owners of this place. in this town, that is enough to get your name stripped off a lot of things..

    whats going on, indeed?

  • Bill’s biased because he’s friends with the ESL guys. He’s also totally wrong (disgraceful?) about them being DC’s musical claim to fame. C’mon.

    And the location/rent argument is bunk. The reason why a restaurant wants to be in a place like that is becuase it’s closer to more potential customers, which is also why the landlord can charge more rent, but it also means you get more traffic. In my mind, the prices should be the same as at a place like Temperance. Lower rent, but fewer customers is equal to higher rent, but more customers. (TH completely redid their place, too, so that’s Even Stephen with Marvin.)

  • DC is a joke for coolness, even in india, goobers.

    read it for yourself.

    indulge in a decent meal and enjoy the ‘beautiful life’, pls.

  • seriously, after reading all you people’s responses.

    just go to mcdonald’s or something.

    if you ever go to europe, you’ll know how big these guys are.

    i’m excited about wolfgang pucks coming to the newseum.

    is it AMAZING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    but it’s good.

    and you pay for that.

    you want to be a decent neighborhood, embrace the folks that are driving you forward.

    isn’t there a single economist or anthropoligist on this board?

    it’s like most of you just got off the train from iowa or somehwere.

    get with the program.

    or move to the burbs, please. pretty please! :o)

  • Yeah, I admit I’m biased. But honestly, it’s more because of what they do than the fact that I know them. I’d stand up for them anyway I’m sure. And knowing them only makes me more aware of their noble intentions and down to earth nature, as opposed to some pseudo-hipster burgermeisters (now come on, considering this thread, that’s a pretty decent pun).

    Yes, Temp Hall redid their place, but in that case the property owner is not the business owner so wouldn’t that mean less money out of the TH owner’s pocket for rehab? And Marvin is a way nicer place than TH, and a different animal. I love TH, but it’s a neighborhood bar with above average bar food. My understanding is that Marvin is trying to stand on its restaurant cred in addition to being a bar/hangout upstairs.

    I did say TC is *one of* DC’s claims to homegrown music fame, and I meant current (not dissing the Duke, or Marvin Gaye for that matter). One of three – ESL/TC, a somewhat faded Dischord, and gogo (which continues of course but never quite broke out). TC, Fugazi, Chuck Brown… Bob Mould as of a few years ago, after he moved to the U St area from NY… I’d be interested in someone’s longer list that makes me ignorant on this subject. But when I travel and tell people I’m from DC, it’s always ‘wow, DC, do you know Thievery Corporation????’. They get serious respect.

    As far as the 18th St Lounge, I’m sure it has seen more dynamic days in its prime, but has certainly had a good 10-12 year run. A British magazine once called it the best club on the US east coast. Door policy aside, I’ve had lots of great nights there, met my wife there, spent several great New Year’s Eves… So I’ll certainly never slam it, though I’ve only been there maybe once or twice in the last several years.

    Someone asked why the PoP was writing about U St anyway. You might read the first line of his About section.

    Trendy restaurant in a trendy neighborhood = Trendy prices. Where is the confusion here.

    We went there last night and I would not recommend getting the $15 burger since there was so much other good food.

    They did not have their beer taps running yet, which was a disappointment to me since I really like Belgium beers.

    We had Moules Frites, Pork Shank and Shrimp with Grits.

    The theme of the restaurant is supposed to be Soul/Belgium food. It is decorated beautifully.

    First off we got the Gumbo Moules Frites, The sauce they where cooked in was so good that I asked for more bread to dip into the sauce. Finally, the Frites (or French fries) where served with three dipping sauces. They where a little greasy, but very crispy.

    The Braised Pork shank was cooked perfectly with the meat falling off the bone. It came with a nice bean type sauce and green beans.

    My wife ordered the Shrimp and Grits, but I was skeptical. The shrimp turned out to also be cooked perfectly and the Grits where pretty good as well. I typically do not like shrimp or grits, so I was amazed to like this dish.

    The finial bill was a little expensive, but I would say that it is on par the quality of food and neighborhood.

  • The Belgian theme is interesting -since Marvin Gaye lived in Ostende, Belgium before
    returning to the US and (sigh) death…. Maybe if he’d remained there. Ah, never mind.

  • Anon 6:18-

    I don’t think you realize how big TC actually are. I was finding their CDs in music stores across Australia, and you can bet that plenty of people in Europe are familiar with them/enjoy their music. You’d be very hard pressed to find a musical act that has made a bigger international impact over the past decade than Thievery. Whether or not you like their music, it’s certainly well-known.

  • “The finial bill was a little expensive, but I would say that it is on par the quality of food and neighborhood.”

    Very true. People clamor constantly for independent, locally owned establishments to open up throughout D.C. But, without the large cash reserves enjoyed by the mega-chains, indie restaurants and retailers will always have to charge more for their goods. Now don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying the $15 burger is a bargain, or justified (even with the rents on U St.). But I’m willing to schill out a few extra bucks if it means one less Subway or Quiznos.

  • For $15, that burger better grab my hair and make moaning noises when I eat it.

    Give it another 18 months and everybody on U will be selling $15 burgers. At least they’re not trying to be Pollys and charging extra for the fries. That’s just wrong.

  • Why is every one so hung up on that stupid hamburger? They have much better dishes on the menu.

    When I go out to eat I want one of two things

    Sit down and enjoy my meal and try some new food with great flavors. (Marvin)


    Fill my belly quickly because I am to busy to cook and clean up. (subway or Quiznos)

  • Man, those who think the price of the burger is high should eat at home before they go out drinking! It is a bar, after all. If you want a meal, go to a restaurant. I was at Marvin’s on Monday night and the place is hot. Beautiful patio, lighting that sets the right mood, well appointed. They spent some money on the place and it shows. No bouncer at the door, nice wait staff; I found no excessive pretense. Anyway, I’m at the age where I appreciate some exclusivity; if you want to hang out with the masses, go to The Front Page. When the mood is right (after a softball game, with co-workers, to watch the game) places like that are fine. I like Wonderland, for example, but it is a different animal. And on that topic, Marvin’s had a diverse crowd, i.e. there were Black people there! DC, a segregated city (and something nobody wants to acknowledge or talk about), needs more places that draw a mixed crowd and Marvin’s U Street location dictates such. I don’t hang out at Bourbon or Town Hall, or even Saint Ex because, as a person of color, they don’t seem inviting. I don’t fault these establishments; a place cannot be all thing to all people. If Marvin’s proves to be different, it will be a welcomed addition to DC’s nightlife. Want an outstanding $10 burger, go to the front bar at Palena! (and another place that’s real welcoming for a person of color! Check the vibe next time you are there.)

    Belgian beer is never cheap (in the US). It you want the best, which Belgian beer arguably is, you pay for it. Adams Mill Bar has $1 Miller High Life if that’s what you’re in the mood for. Bottom line, nice stuff cost good money. Marvin’s appears to have nice stuff: a nice facility, good beer, and a great location. Everything and everywhere is not for everybody. It sounds like many of the people commenting are not judging the place not on its merits, but making their evaluations based on the fact that they got turned away 18th Street and it was a shattering moment. Get over it. And a piece of advice, when you visit NYC, don’t go to the meatpacking district.

  • Here is the thing: is the food any good. Local 16 started out as a halfway decent affordable restaurant, a year on and the food has gone way down hill, bit the bar crowd is thriving. Do you think MArvin will remain more food-centric?

  • Finally, a groundswell of urban sense is building here.

    jno – the Marvin ownership is aware of the way Local 16’s food has underachieved. They’re definitely hoping to redeem that with Marvin, which yes, will be absolutely more food-centric.

  • The Design: Boring . Old world rehash

    The Furnishings: Below par

    The Art & Placement: Boring

    $15 Burger: Stupid by any means in any neighborhood on any day

    $6-$8 Draft: DC is known for thinking it’s all that

    Adding something exciting & new to DC?: No

    Adding another great hangout for DC Young Republicans?: Yes

    Chance there will be an idiot over sized bouncer at the door on Thursday night?: Definitely

    Why do we need another one of these places?: There are a lot of guys in DC that wear blue button-downs that need another place to hunt.

    TC?: Love their music. They have awesome cars.

    18th St Lounge?: Equally boring

    Local: Boring blue button-downs

    Comparing Marvin to the Meat-Packing District?: Meat-heads go to the Meat-Packing District. Really… Artists, musicians & creatives don’t pay MPD prices & don’t appreciate the steroid crowd.

    Definition of a shame?: A missed opportunity.

  • One man’s missed opportunity is another man’s Saint-Ex.

    Go figure.

  • Aren’t those one and the same? St.X doesn’t blow up my skirt.

  • I hope Lil’ Gal doesn’t know about your cross dressing ways. I’m sure she’d be disappointed.

  • “Whatever blows yer skirt/dress up” means “happy as a hog in slops”, “happy as a boardinghouse pup”, or perhaps a more region appropriate “happy as a clam at high tide.”

  • Well, clearly some people like Saint Ex. Some people think it’s pretentious overpriced yuppie food.

    To each his own, is what I’m saying. It’s a “missed opportunity” if the business fails and goes under. I suspect that it won’t. Seems like some people would have preferred a place selling $8 burgers than $15 burgers. Oh well–them’s the breaks. And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other options.

  • So, DC Gold

    what do you recomend. I thought Marvins was nice, but if you think it is boring. Please let me know what places are much better.

    That being said, I am a young Republican and I happen to be wearing a button down blue shirt today…… So I guess I am pretty boring

  • Ha… I agree, one man’s *boring* is another man’s *nice*… Funny how we all (my self definitely included) feel the need to vent our feelings. I guess for me it was coming from the disappointment to have yet another overpriced, mediocre place. Make it reasonable & comfortable like Tryst, or Sussi, or R&R Hotel’s upstairs (without the yuk staff) with good food & bevs for a reasonable price, & you’ll find me there. As far as decor, I can’t think of a good DC bar example… Baltimore even has better spaces than DC (Salt, Red Maple, etc).
    Maybe take the Burger Joint in NY, but add some TC touches (their music is so worldly, why can’t their interiors be?).

    NY >>

    DC >>

    So, in DC I guess you get your burger first… Then, go out for your $8 beer on the deck.

  • I’m hoping Marvin will find it’s Pink Pony style after it wears in… & maybe after they don’t sell too many $15 burgers they’ll rethink their menu. I doubt it though, as there are many subsidized Cappy Hillers flocking over to the NW for a beer & a bite.

  • you guys shouldn’t be eating a poor cow anyway. who cares if it’s $1 or $100!?

  • DC Gold, I think you must miss NY. From what I understand they have great sit down and carry out places. I wish there where better carry out places in DC that where quick.

    I find myself getting CHipolet to go a whole lot. Other resturants I really like include Bistro de Cou (spelling?) and there is a high in Jamacian place in G-town that I really liked as well.

  • I prefer to eat rich cows.

  • Do they offer support local agriculture like Saint-Ex and Nora? That’s really what much of America needs, let alone places in DC. If such were the case, I’d pay extra, seeing as terrorism is bad and all. Three-thousand mile salads…ha.

  • Anonymous, if god didn’t want us to eat animals, why’d he make them out of meat??

    Simmer down veger’s, just kidding.

  • I’m slept on this story and am just reading it all now…

    Everyone is jumping all over the $15 burger because the only reason you price a burger at $15 for your restaurant is if you are trying to make a statement. The folks at Marvin are trying to say “We’re top shelf. We’re exclusive. We’re the best money can buy.” The problem is that doesn’t work on U Street, even in its gentrified state. Expense account people would order that — the lawyers and lobbyists rich old money folks — they’d all order that. But on U Street, it just screams pretension.

    Charlie Palmer’s burger isn’t $15. BLT Steak, the most famously overpriced wanna-be NYC joint to grace our Nation’s Capitol, has a hamburger for $16. And Marvin wants to charge $15 for a burger? Please…

    If you’re on U Street and you want the best burger U Street can offer (and in an inviting, exciting, beer-centric venue), walk over to Saloon. The burger is priced reasonably and I guarantee it would kick the Marvin burger’s ass in any blind taste test.

  • Burger at Yum’s is 3 bucks. Come for the cheap food, stay for the entertainment.

  • 14thandYou (oct 24 12:25), while i agree that TC is popular and make great music that I actually enjoy very much. my point was with respect to Bill was that popular does not equal influence or creation of a musical movement and that DC has, natively not transplants (like Mould) artists who changed music around the world, despite having the benefit of technology and a delivery system like the internet. Duke Ellington’s music started a movement a change in music, Marvin Gaye changed “Soul music”, Dischord (Minor threat, fugazi, etc) and Bad Brains changed punk and hardcore music, even go-go despite that fact that go-go has not seen the commericial success of other musics, for me seeing people in West Africa and Brazil rock out to the percussive polyrhythms of go-go and how they have translated recontextualized what they have heard to create new musics in thoses place by mixing it their own music was all the convincing i needed to see the influence of go-go. Inspite of being well known around the world i am not sure TC has made that kind of impact or contribution on music and electronica, drum and bass, down-tempo, etc etc

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  • Um, what is ESL?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Eighteenth Street Lounge.

  • Goodness , people…
    Take it down a notch and more. A lot more.

    Reading this review/posting about Marvin on U st. is like reading about kids
    bickering about what and who has a something better in their neighborhood.
    It’s obvious most of the comments from the ones who are the haters about the burger, the decor, the name , the owners and the vibe about Marvin have not and do not know what “IT” is about.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don’t really know but you think you know.
    It’s all opinions w/c we are all entitled to.
    So here’s mine and let me school you on FACTS.

    I don’t see anyone talking about the $25 /ounce burger at BLT downtown . Which btw if you order it, requires a 2 oz. minimum. Yes, it’s KOBE beef.
    So what if Marvin has a $15 burger ?
    Clearly, there’s something special and great about it. And to assume that U st. is pretentious makes it sad for you who can’t appreciate the progress that DC is doing on their own. Sure it’s becoming cool and hip ( read the NY times) . I love my “hood” and being here 8 years, it’s just great that I only have to walk a block to or two at the most to enjoy Marvin any day of the week I can.

    ThievCorp.,Local 16, Marvin, ESL’s motto have always been to support the local community and talent first and foremost.
    TCorp. does not only set the bar for cutting edge organictronica music and style they also do a lot for the world and are aware of current events and issues. As much as they can and they try with out even proving it to anyone of you haters. Check your facts before you whine about them or their partners because of one place they are associated with due to a burger. HA !
    Let me help you guys out, you need it !

    As far as being part of the community, they deal , buy and support local farmers, organic growers and the like to be able have quality food for their places to serve you. The public who want to claim about being epicureans.
    What TCorp. ( the establishments they and their partners run and own ) are doing is just what they do best. Making a comfortable atmosphere and great eats for those who recognize it and appreciate it. Dress code or none. It is what it is and they do it well. And this all comes without mass or commercial ads. It’s what they do.

    They’re not trying to please everybody all the time.
    The neighborhood is happy about it and I don’t hear anyone here in MY neighborhood complaining, thinking or wanting to be like NYC.
    Who cares ? We’re doing our own thing.

    Dragonfly is no longer folks ( old news )..that got bought by the FlyLounge folks.
    Now, talk about pretentious.

    Go to where you want to go and enjoy that. Stay where and what you’re used.
    No need to be mean, whiny and hissy about something or someplace you haven’t tried.

    Owners, Staff , Dj and all.

  • For all of those complaining about the 15.00 for the burger … what gives ? I am guessing that you have paid close to 3.00 if not more for coffee at Starbucks and on a daily basis. Loosen the purse strings … spend money on wine and food … Oh my God … 9.00 for Pinot Noir ! You have a choice in this town … nicer things in life cost a little extra. The individuals at Marvin have approached their venture with integrity. Cut back on driving … walk to the restaurant, pull out your cash and spend it. Drop the 60.00 on the wine … order not one but two choices of mussells. have the kitchen make you a double order of the foie gras. Buy a burger for your neighbor and get it to go. Leave the server, not 15 % , but 35 %. Life is just too short to subject one self to crap by saving a few bucks.

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