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I have often lamented the loss of front yards but I think this house has it right, what do you think?


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  • i think it’s fine, and i think it would be even better if you would give us addresses for these places so we could actually stop by and see them ourselves (at least what block it’s on if you don’t want to give away someone’s address directly).

  • Looks great.

    In case of private houses I would probably refrain from giving exact locations, but e.g. the Rib Pit story would be even more useful if PoP would have said “14th and Randolp” instead of “upper 14th St” 🙂

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Noted. For businesses when I’ll try and give proper addresses. For private residences I will not unless it is a private residence for sale. Thanks.

  • These went for around $500K for each of 3 units. Outrageous if you ask me.

  • I agree this is a nice use of front “lawn” space for a DC Townhouse. This would be much easier to maintain than a typical yard and looks nice too!


  • I remember seeing this house before. It’s a pretty decent renovation, and the use of space is interesting. But the double-door basement entrance is weird. It would have looked better with a regular door. I’ve never seen that in the front before, that’s the sort of thing you have opening on to your back deck. That part doesn’t work for me. But overall it’s among the better “modernizations” I’ve seen around the neighborhood.

  • Yeah. I like this one too. I think maybe they did the double door because of natural light issues?? Letting more into the basement. But it does look a bit strange if its a rental.

  • And it could also be because there is no backyard for the basement. So the front it the only area for hanging out, and such double doors at least create an illusion of outdoor space.

  • It’s pretty good. I like that have tried to soften the hardscape with some built-in planters but feel the street, as a whole, would benefit from a little more landscaping – perhaps a tree in the courtyard.

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  • That’s a great way to still have greenery but not have to mow the lawn. My landlord just installed sod in the backyard.

  • This is super cute!

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