I Kind of Dig the Modern Architecture

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So this is a new building that went up in the U Street neighborhood. What do you think of the modern architecture? Does it work next to the more traditional rowhouses?

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  • Yes it does. And imitation repeater style is often worse than truly moder architecture (take the new rowhousees close to the Giant for example).

  • The virtual tour is listed here:

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  • I walk by this a lot and I do like it, ethough the bottom floor looks like some sort of rental office or something (and is pretty open to the street so it would be like living in a fishbowl), so I didn’t really know what the deal with it was until now! I wasn’t sure if it was one house or two flats or what. There’s some condos that are sort of modern across the street from it, too.

  • I’m not a particular fan of it, to be honest, but I guess I’d rather see a develope rog balls-out and do something completely different than some cheap, low-grade imitation of the rowhouses near it. It’s like an admittance that the imitationw ould suck, so they’re moving onto something different entirely. Though I really don’t like that black bar that seems to have been haphazardly attached to the top of the structure.

  • I like it but can’t imagine living there because of the lack of privacy. It has been on the market for well over a year so I guess others have the same concern.

  • off topic slightly–is the stop sign in this picture facing the wrong direction?

  • I agree with pinkytime. I like the building, but up close (and I go by it daily) – the ground floor seems like a dentist office to me. I don’t know who would want to live so exposed at street level – well, maybe I do…

  • I love this house and would live in it in a heartbeat if it weren’t so exorbetantly priced. The scale and arrangement of the house helps blend its bauhaus lines with the late queen anne victorians that surround it. Actually, 11th street is shaping up to be a strip of modern architectural gems that add a fresh edge to the street. Unlike the cookie-cutter “modern” loft buildings that are so prevalent elsewhere throughout Washington’s redeveloping areas, this street seems to have garnered smaller buildings with greater architectural integrity.

  • Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. And as I’ve said before, it is much strong homage to the actual historic architecture not to make bad copies but to set it off with contrast. And to keep progressing forward. Scale and proportion make good architectural neighbors — not style.

  • As much as I love the traditional DC row home styles, GOOD modern architecture is a million times better than the shitty renovations you see so often. Not to mention the third-floor bumpups that marry vinyl siding with original brick and slate facades.

    Modern isn’t bad. This house looks pretty cool. If it’s a good design, it doesn’t fight with the old styles that surround it, it complements them. Unfortunately, I suspect this kind of thing will be a rarity around here, since most of the developers seem more interested in flipping and bolting than doing something good for the neighborhood.

  • Nice design, but it’s a little out of scale with the houses to the house.

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