I Found Something That Couldn’t Be Given Away!

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Remember when I was surprised that a mattress was taken off the street? There were a number of commenters on that post that suggested you could get rid of anything if it was free. So I walked past a number of books, records, and dvds that were free for the taking on 13th Street and there staring at me in the face was a “Yanni Live!” dvd. Now tell me, do you think someone will really take that as well?

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  • I’m surprised to see that PBS was willing to waste public and donated funds on airing Yanni. I’m sure they don’t brag about how public TV brings you such great and memorable programming such as this. And if Danny Tartabull were here, he’d say, “That’s right Jerry.”

  • im sure the oldies that watch pbs LOVE yanni.

  • yanni rocks! NOT!

  • People make fun of Yanni but he’s actually quite the bocci ball player.

  • I am sure he has a cult following in Germany. There, it is still/always perfectly acceptable for a man (not sure about women) to have a mustache.

  • And I don’t understand the second caption on the cover, “The Concert Event”
    The concert event of what? A concert is an event. So it’s like saying “The Event Event” or “The Concert Concert”
    This Yanni dvd is just rubbing me the wrong way.

  • Yanni has joined forces with the Oscar/Grammy winning producer, Ric Wake, to create new music and discover extraordinary vocal artists! Yanni and Ric’s goal is to collaborate with prodigy singers/songwriters and put them in the most creative environment possible to reach their full potential. The two have settled into “Camp Yanni” in South Florida, immersing themselves in the studio producing new music…over 80 new compositions to date!

    Visit Yanni.com and re-register for Yanni’s Fan Club. This is an exciting new direction and you won’t want to miss a thing!!!!

    Yanni Strret Team, Angela

  • haha, Angela, sweetheart, thanks for the laugh. You might want to actually read the comment thread before you go posting next time.

  • I forgot he even existed. Is he still with Linda Evans?

  • Hi Lazy Cake,
    Glad you had a good laugh. 🙂
    I think Angela was trying to suggest that people who haven’t appreciated Yanni’s music should take another look. That’s because Yanni is going in a very different direction. He has now teamed up with Ric Wake, the grammy/oscar winner who has been involved in the careers of such people as Jennifer Lopez, Dixie Chicks & Celine Dion.

    So maybe, just maybe, what you thought you knew about Yanni is changing.

    Take a look at the webiste: http://www.yanni.com and see what you think. We promise not to tell…but you may want to when you see the new Yanni!

  • Yanni, Yanni, Yanni, get your adverbs here.

  • Anon: Yanni could play zydeco while on fire and no one will care.

  • haha, the “new Yanni” sounds like a dirty sex move.

    I’d definitely be glad to tell all my fellas about the first time I saw the new Yanni.

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