I Can’t Believe Someone Actually Took It

IMG_4451, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I was all ready to post about how this mattress was never going to get taken…I thought whoever put it out was just too lazy to call bulk trash pick up. But I guess you should never underestimate what folks will take for free.

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  • you got it right, PoP, never underestimate what people will take for free. i unloaded all kinds of stuff when i moved by placing things outside my apartment in the evening. by morning: always the stuff was gone.

  • It maybe they also posted it on FreeCycleDC yahoo group or Craig’s list. A lot of mattresses, moving boxes, magazines, etc. get recycled on FreeCycle.

  • Yeah, one time I saw a sign taped to a tree which said, “TREE FREE TO A GOOD HOME”

  • Never mark it “Trash.” ALWAYS mark it “Free.”

  • In my neighborhood of KC, MO known as Midtown, we referred to this as “Midtown Recycling.” It’s a great way to keep things from going to the landfill.

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