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IMG_5654, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

A neighbor from Petworth built an amazing backyard shed as you can see. Frankly it looks like a lot nicer than many parts of my house.

Check out the details.

And the inside is just as cool.

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  • not so sure the windows will be such a great crime deterrent…

  • Reminds me of Jefferson’s South Pavilion at Monticello. On a smaller scale of course. A nice get away where you can read and not be bothered. Even if its just a shed. I like it.

  • It certainly is an interesting structure. But french doors into a shed? In my experience you’d be better off with a steel door. I’d bash those windows silly in no time!

  • Well, it’s more of a pass-through, forming a soft buffer against the alley. I mean it’s easy to just hop the fence and go around it, no need for a marauder to break and enter. I’ve been in there and it does serve somewhat of a shed function, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be entirely practical. It’s a real looker though!

  • Plexiglass security windows and steels door are a bit “Bauhaus” for a New England shingle style structure, don’t you think? It can be fun and aesthetically pleasing to mix style periods, but great care must be taken when doing so.

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