Holy Cow The Red Derby Is Going To Be Awesome!

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As you may have heard The Red Derby, located at 3718 14th St. NW, is set to open this Tuesday at 6pm. So as I was walking by to take a look at the location I was lucky enough to run into a friend of the owners and then one of the owners showed up allowing me a sneak peak at the inside. It is phenomenal! If you are looking for another neighborhood bar you need look no further. This place doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but what it does have will surely make you smile. It has a fantastic beer selection and a pool table in the back. I was surprised to learn that pool will only cost a dollar, very rare these days. They will have 33 types of beers all available in cans. However, if canned beer is not your style they also offer a full bar and wine service as well.

The owners are husband and wife team Sasha Carter and David Leventry. I was able to speak with Sasha who was previously the bar manager at Local 16. Sasha explained to me that Red Derby is committed to can beers because they offer a better price point. “Where else can you get an Amstel light or Heineken for 4 bucks”, she asked.

Some of the food available includes sweet potato fries, hamburgers, grilled cheese, veggie burgers, a foot long fish dog and a number of other choices. At the moment you will have to bring cash but if you are running low there will be an ATM on the premises. Fortunately the prices seem very reasonable. About 4 bucks for the fries and 8 bucks for a burger. And if you are scrapping the change drawer you can always have a 2 dollar Schlitz.

In the front room there will be a projector screen showing movies with the sound off and there will be a television in the backroom with the pool table. Sasha explained to me that her vision of a neighborhood bar, is one where people actually talk to each other and hang out rather than watch television. I really got a good vibe speaking with her and am super excited for them to open up. The location is an interesting one that falls directly in between Columbia Heights and Petworth at 14th and Quincy. I have no doubt that this place will attract plenty of folks from both neighborhoods. It looks like it is a genuine neighborhood bar where everyone will know your name. I can’t wait to crack my first can of Boddingtons!

And they even have super cool bathrooms.

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  • Yep, I am thrilled! Pity though that no draft beer appears to be available.. oh well, perhaps we can all convince them.. frankly, I would rather have a good draft at $6 than a can at $4. Even if I in reality might not be able to tell the difference, would their pour two pints, one from tap and from can… lol..

    The place was put together on a very tight budget I think, but that actually ads to its charm.

    Hope to see you all there (often)! 🙂

  • Whoa, a DC bar serving Natty Boh’s? Now you won’t have to travel to Bawl’mr just to enjoy the winking bandit.

  • Ummmmmm looking at those prices and beer selection, I can smell a fight brewing (No pun intended) between this place and Wonderland.

  • Nice. A place close to where I am that isn’t a dank dive.

  • ” ‘Where else can you get an Amstel light or Heineken for 4 bucks’, she asked.”

    Indeed… I would follow up with the real question: Where can you get a Schlitz, for any price, anywhere in the United States, post 1987? Ah, The Red Derby.

    I don’t know how I feel about Boddingtons in a can. Okay, I do know how I feel. I feel badly about it. Quite badly.

    I would much rather spend my $6 on 2 High Lifes, and take my Boddingtons business elsewhere (you know, when I really feel like steppin’ out and spending $7 on a draft.)

    To be honest, I just wish I could find a place (even a grocery store) on this side of the country that sold Hamm’s. A cool and tasty Hamm’s does wonders for the soul.

  • Boddington’s, like Guiness, is best in a can.

  • Well.. I would argue both are best on tap, especially if drawn properly.

  • I like both in draft but few pour them correctly.As for cans i like them in cans as well.Actually i think the all can beer menu is pretty cool idea.I hope they have food anyone know?

  • Just read PoPs “article”, and you will get an answer.. (but the answer is yes, some basic pub food with a slight twist).

  • sweet, that’s a nice beer list! and cheap. i’ve been looking for a place that has natty boh, and i’m curious what those beers i don’t recognize are – sea hag, atlantic, elm city, old chub, etc.

  • What anon said, re: Hamm’s. God I miss it.

  • you can get schlitz at a ton of bars in this city: dc9, velvet lounge, the pug, palace of wonders…

  • I do not know what the hours will be like, but the option to throw DVD’s on the projector on weekend afternoons would be wonderful.

  • I got a last minute invite to the friends and family unveiling on Sunday. I loved the Red Derby. Its worth checking out. If its any comfort to those not in love with cans (myself included), the Derby’s coolers are VERY cold and they give you a cup. Dave and Sasha were incredibly welcoming and… don’t miss the little fried triangles of mac and cheese. Not-to-be-missed!

  • If they dont have Cider I sware to go I will SCREAM!!

  • $4 for fries and $8 for a burger is cheap?

  • Fantastic beer selection. They’ve got my favorite, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout!!

  • don’t get me wrong i wholeheartedly support this establishment. regardless of our beer preference we all need to work to keep this place open, because i fear that many that don’t know CH that well are going to be scared. i would love for this to be a locals-only establishment that is our secret pride and joy but i don’t think that’ll sustain it for too long, am i wrong? basically tell your friends but not your coworkers.

  • So sad that bars in DC have to serve food. But other than that — sounds great. Although I think Townhouse has them beat on price.

    Now, if they would actually support local DJs and have a real jukebox — bah humbug to the iPod thing — the place would be perfect. So sad I don’t live around the corner on Taylor anymore.

  • I’m into it!!! Just a few short blocks away from home. I say PoP and his harem have their next party here.

  • No need for local “celebrities” and “royalties” hanging with their posse, thank you.. Regular citizens are more welcome. ;-P

    Went. Excellent! Excellent atmosphere. Hopefully when they get a bit of cashflow going, we can get real glasses with the beer, and perhaps even some bottles/tap in the future.

    Burger and fries were both “prretty goood… prrretty prretty goood”. 🙂

    Some “I’ve got muscles” guy starting a wrestling match with the bouncer left a bit of sour taste in mouth, but I gather that won’t be the last time it will happen.

  • i went last nite w/a friend–great atmosphere; friendly owner; veggie burgers!

  • is it just me, or does that pool table appear to be about three feet from the wall behind it? better bring your own collapsible cue if you want to shoot from that side of the table…

  • G for Good: Don’t hate on me for enjoying rasslin’ while you oogle my six pack and lusciously rippled thighs.

  • I know, Oden.. I wish I was gay or at least bi, so I could wash my dirty underwear on six pack and get more than just clean clothes out of the process..

  • like most of you bloggers last night, it’s a bit premature to sound the alarm of how this yet-to-be-opened-to-the-public bar is gonna give Wonderland a run for its money. WL has long established its street cred in a neighborhood where dc’s stingiest gladly get ripped off by zone taxi cabs in hopes of an impromptu break dance contest, or to shake their thang to 80’s rock and 90’s hip-hop.

    I say best of luck and I look forward to checking it out for myself.

  • A. Canned beer is delicious and is protected from the damaging rays of the sun
    B. Canned beer is cheaper than bottled beer
    C. Dales Pale Ale is one of the best American beers, and it is only distributed in cans

    and finally

    D. Having draft beer is EXTREMELY overrated. The reason? The vast majority of bars NEVER clean their draft beer lines, which means that bacteria and other disgusting stuff builds up in them. I personally never order draft beers at a bar when I do not absolutely after.

    Can’t wait to run the derby!

  • Royce, good points, with regard to A though I thought a dark glass bottle with a real crown cap (not those twist to open ones) is considered the best for beer.

    Actually had Dale’s Pale last night, it was delicious indeed.

  • E. You can crush cans on your head.

  • We went to the grand opening and I’m not a big beer drinker but we had a great time. The place is awesome and it’s just nice to know there’s a cool place to go for good eats and a beer or wine or whatever….in the neighborhood. we’re hoping for Sunday Brunch??

  • I the can thing just a gimmick, or is there a logic behind it. I drink IPA’s and Belgians, but I’ve never heard of either in a can. Anyone?

  • Royce has got it right! At least half the time I order a draft beer it tastes bad because of old kegs or draft lines. Looking forward to this place though. Do they have TVs?

  • I’ve stopped by the Derb many times, even thrown back a few Sidecars on Sunday and the place is the shit! If you’re into microbrews, don’t miss Dale’s Pale Ale or the mighty thick, hoppy and f-you-up strong Gordon Double IPA. The food I had was both quality and tastey (mind you I had serious post-Gordin IPA munchies) and the pool table hasn’t gone to hell like others in the neighborhood. Dave and Sascha are incredibly sincere and outgoing, so I think this place will take off real quick, but I think it will maintain a real local feel.

  • 1 Year woohoo!

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