Help Reunite This Glider With its Matching (Stolen) Rocker

glider, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It was stolen around the area of Georgia Ave. and Harvard St. So if you see a green rocker email me [email protected] and I’ll relay the news to the owner.

The owner writes:
“Last night, getting home after a pretty crappy day, I discovered
someone had taken the rocking chair to my rocking chair/glider porch
combo. The set was a gift from my grandparents as reward for stepping into the homeownership arena some 7 years ago. Aside from it being a gift, it is the very set that I grew up playing on at the Grands when I was a child.”

One Comment

  • Un fucking believable…

    a fact of live in this city, and many others, I’ve heard….

    if it ain’t nailed down….

    and even if it is “locked and chained” down, they’ll still get it if they really want it….

    no respect

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