Grant Circle Hosts Some Impromptu Football

IMG_5605, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Autumn has officially arrived.

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  • Joe Gibbs needs to sign her.

  • Even looking across Grant Circle, its obvious that this woman has more talent and potential than Brandon Lloyd.

  • I don’t know, she showing the alligator arms

  • Fair enough, that still qualifies as better than Brandon Lloyd.

  • Speaking of thrilling sports, how about the Tribe, huh?! They are about to send those ugly, ugly Red Sox (really, can there be an uglier group of professional sportsmen in the world?) back to beantown crying. Beating the Yankees like a drum is always the top priority, but since winning in ’04 the Sox have become Yankees-lite. What’s up with Manny Ramierez standing in the box admiring his HR when his team is down by 5? What a jaggass.

    Bring on that little league team from Denver for the WS sweep!

  • Agreed. I’m usually not much for schadenfreude when it comes to sports but the Red Sox have got to be the worst francshise in all of the professional sports based on the fan base alone. What a bunch of self-important, loud-mouthed, know-nothings.

  • Lazy: but much as with NYY there are a lot of bandwagon types that have all of a sudden become Bosox fans in the last few years… i.e. you see a lot of flip-flop wearin’ boys in CH and AM wearing Boston caps sipping thier lattes… people whose father’s cousin’s best friend Seamus lived in Southy back in 1950. Those aren’t the real fans. I don’t dislike real Bosox fans so much even though their team is becoming a lot like the Wankees — throwing Trot Nixon under the bus (Bernie Williams, anyone?), paying a quadrillion dollars for laughably bad pitchers from Japan, and wasting cash on blowhards like Manny.

  • Oden: I was an undergrad at GW when Boston won the WS in 04 and I have to say, it is the REAL Boston fans that I can’t stand. When 200+ drunk frat dudes and dudettes descended on H St to ‘celebrate’ I realized that BoSox fans do, indeed, suck. Burning newspaper racks? Flipping over random parked cars? Causing thousands of $$$ of damage to both city and university property? Let’s get over ourselves folks, we’re not trying to give the UMD kids a run for the money. And most of these kids were from the greater Boston area (I hate the name New England so I try to avoid using it at all costs), not the Johnny-come-latelys you describe (but don’t worry, can’t stand them either).

    I think your arguments mostly center around actual baseball…..ever since I realized that baseball is just too dull and full of steroid abusers, I pretty much lost interest. Wake me when the Wizards start their season.

  • Wizzars? Who are they? A girl’s school field hockey team?

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