Good God No!

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So I’m craving my weekly meximelt when I pass this sign on 14th St. The Taco Bell sign has been obliterated and apparently so has the dining room. I thought the dining room was perfectly fine, I think I’d be happier if there was a sign saying “kitchen being remodeled”. At any rate we are fixing to have the nicest T Bell dining room in town…I just hope they finish soon. Damn, where else is there a Taco Bell in DC?

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  • There’s a TB on Conn. near UDC south of Van Ness. It’s one of those hybrid places (Taco Bell/KFC). I don’t know of another one in NW that’s east of 16th St.

  • yeah, there used to be a taco bell downtown near Metro Center, but i don’t know what happened to it. there aren’t enough in the city….

  • DUDE. I had a big monday night football party planned for this past Monday. We were going to get about a million tacos and mexican pizzas and beefy cheesy melts for said party, and we were amped. Imagine the disappointment we felt upon seeing this! and it was open like a week ago. We had to drive to the one in Courthouse because it was the only one that we knew for SURE would be open. TB’s website offered spotty info on the Conn Ave location, and no one answered the phone there. Long story. Sorry.

  • Do people of Latino/Hispanic heritage actually eat at Taco Bell?

  • There is a TB/KFC on Missouri and South Dakota Ave. very close to north petworth

  • Taco Bell is to Mexican Food…as…La Choy is to Asian Food.
    Gross, I mean big-time Gross!

  • There’s one Blair Ave and Georgia Ave near the DC/MD line. Like a block by it.

    There’s also one by the intersection of Missouri, Riggs and South Dakota in NE, as mentioned earlier.

    I believe those are the only three (im counting the van ness one)

  • Perhaps this is all happening for a reason…. Let go of the Mexi-melt. Your body will thank you.

  • How are the cheesy beef melts? After I saw the commercial I walked over to the above Taco Bell but saw it was closed

  • saf

    Dude, go to the Taqueria! Better food, and you’re supporting cool local people.

    Here, read this:

  • how does one lobby Taco Bell to bring more stores to the District?? we are sorely underserved…. with regard to ‘mexican’ food in dc, for the most part, it really is el salvadoran. there are very few mexicans here. instead, the #1 immigrant group for the region is el salvadorans.

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