Fantastic Mural

IMG_4399, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

You know, I’ve noticed a ton of amazing murals around town. I love this one off 13th St. It is so much nicer than just a blank wall. What do you think?

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  • what an awesome piece of the tropics in DC… what’s the building it’s on–and any clue who painted it or why?

  • murals are proven deterrent of graffiti, so often trouble spots for graffiti will receive murals. In addition to keeping vandals from defacing buildings, these murals are a great expression of community.

  • my co-workers went on the walking tour of U street area murals last weekend. Maybe they will know.

  • i think it’s great, especially if children are involved in painting it. …

  • This is about South-Eeast corner of 13th and Kenyon St.intersection.

    It is facing the back side of the 5 houses (1302 to 13010 Kenyon St.)

  • It’s behind the MVS (Mennonite Voluntary Service) house on Kenyon Street, across from Harriet Tubman Elementary School. Maybe they know.

  • “murals are a proven deterrent of graffiti”–but how do you tell the difference? is it only graffiti if it’s sort of, you know, hip-hop-y?

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