Enclosed Porch Thumbs Up or Down?

IMG_4409, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

It gives you a little extra space but you miss out on the autumn breeze. Good idea or no?

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  • Woah–big thumbs down! The porches are what give our neighborhoods that neighborly feeling… lets us meet each other, see the world go by, sip a drink and remember that the world is full of smells and sights and sounds. Not only is this ugly as all get-out, but it also makes a neighborhood less safe to have fewer eyes on the street. yuck!

  • It’s fairly hideous.

  • Thumbs WAY down. Is that a stuffed eagle above the door?

  • thumbs DOWN

  • great minds. I walked past that eagle yesterday and thought someone should notify POP about the patriotic spirit that cannot be vanquished.

  • That is the exact same design I am using for my third floor roof extension!

  • Thumbs down, especially when the addition doesn’t match the rest of the house at all. One house near me did this with shiny red bricks, when the main house has that old-school looking brown brick. It’s unbelievably bad looking.

  • thumbs down, on this one, at least. it is vulgar. not saying it couldn’t be done tastefully…

  • YUCK. That is god awful. If you want more space why not do it in the back? I LOVE front porches. They are one of the most cool architectural features that this city has.

    Fortunately, this particular atrocity doesn’t seem very popular. I’ve seen a couple screened in front porches before (also hideous, but at least easily reversible) but that’s a first for me.

  • Jamie, if you think screened front porches are hideous, does that mean you love mosquitoes?

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