Double Deck Porch

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Why aren’t their more of these? It seems to me that every rowhouse that has a porch should have a double decker porch. It seems fairly easy to do. How sweet is it to put a couple of chairs up there and have a cup of coffee/beer and people watch? So why aren’t there more of these?

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  • Usually because you have to create a door. Most of these house just have windows across the top. But why didn’t the original design include a door? I don’t know. Maybe in 1910 they didn’t hold the idea of sitting on a second deck porch that appealing.

  • I am not sure how cool it would look if these would start to pop up (!) all over the place though.. I am happy with my one decker with a swing. Sweet. 🙂

  • Perhaps, because they are sinfully ugly? But beyond that I don’t see the advantage of sitting on the upper porch, versus sitting on the lower one (which conveniently shields you from blistering sun and rain, too).

  • I guess ugly is in the eye of the beholder. We have one, and we get tons of compliments on it. We love it. It gives us a great view of the surrounding neighborhood.

  • u need to get a permit to construct these (if you do it legally), and in dc that’s a huge pain in the arse!

  • My house actually has a double deck porch on the back. Allows us to observe all the curious goings on in the alley. It’s particularly nice for hanging out when one doesn’t necessarily want to be seen by the neighbors, like when wearing pj’s.

  • They are not easy to do- is your porch roof able to hold 500 lbs of people? (3 people) or 1000 lbs of people? (5 big people?)

  • Anon: We see you in your PJ’s!

  • “Maybe in 1910 they didn’t hold the idea of sitting on a second deck porch that appealing.”

    I live in SW and all the rowhouses on my block (built in 1909) have those second story porches in the back. I actually prefer hanging out there than in my backyard.

  • I meant second deck in the front.

  • Once advantage of being higher: fewer mosquitoes.

  • Hummm, if I had one of those, I could trow pennies at the hooker who works the corner….

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