Columbia Heights Day: A Success or A Success for Wonderland?

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First of all let me give credit to the organizers of this wonderful festival. I think for the first ever Columbia Heights Day, they did a fantastic job. Having said that, I can’t help but think was this Columbia Heights Day or Wonderland Day? I went to the festival three times between noon and 4pm and each time there were maybe 25-30 people milling about while in Wonderland there must have been 3 times that number. I should add that all of the live music I heard was fantastic.

But you can see that Wonderland was quite a bit more crowded than the actual festival. Maybe that is because we are just a bunch of lushes but it felt a little funny to me. Maybe next year there should be food/drink vendors on the actual festival site? So what are your thoughts on Columbia Heights Day?

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  • Firstly, kudos (whatever that means) on the new site. Looks great! Prince of Petworth has busted loose!

    Secondly, your observations on the first CH Day are right on. I popped by a few times throughout the day, but it was plenty dead… Great day for Wonderland, though. I penned a few thoughts on the bloggy with pix, etc… I certainly don’t want to bash the thing, because it’s a great event for a great neighborhood. But man, next year (if there IS a next year) let’s have some better weather & more advertising, at least…

  • CH Day needed more vendors to draw a larger crowd. Other than that, I think it went OK for its first year. I did enjoy talking with the reps from Jim Grahm’s office, and it was nice that Mayor Fenty dropped by.

  • Intangible Arts’ piece is spot on.

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  • Yeah, attendance was pretty poor, and the dog parade and bike ride didn’t really pan out. They need more food vendors! The music was good though. the thing is, you could hear the music from Wonderland’s shady patio, where food and drinks were being served, so why stand in the blistering sun in the dusty field when you can take in the scene from Wonderland? Next year, next year…

  • I think to have created something where there was nothing is a success in my book, although I too wish attendance would have been higher…but, I’m not going to personally carry people to the festival.

    Thanks to all that helped make the day happen, we definitely have something to build upon for next year!

  • I was there and I know how hard it is to pull one of these off. We lost Mt Pleasant Day because the one sole organizer stopped organizing and no one or no group has stepped up to the plate to deal with all the paperwork and leg work to make it happen.

    Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes to pull the first Columbia Heights Day off. I’m sure they learned a lot about the process and hopefully will be willing to put it together next year and keep the momentum going.

  • i met fenty that day…woohooo.

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