Breaking News: 4 Shot in Columbia Heights

According to Fox News Channel 5 four people were shot on 14th and Harvard this evening. I wasn’t able to find a full article on their Web site but I will update tomorrow morning.

And here is the article from the Washington Times.

The article finishes with a quote: “Whatever police are doing is not working,” said Council member Jim Graham, Ward 1 Democrat. “This is a real setback.”

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  • Its been a pretty crazy night around here on the other side of Georgia. Lots of sirens and something was happening at Georgia and Harvard.
    On the flip side, lots of folks are were out on their porches enjoying the great weather and quick with a ‘Hello’ or ‘Happy Halloween.’

  • there were shots fired near farragut st this evening too. I don’t know what happened but the police blocked off an area of the street.

  • Must be those gentrifiers engaged in a turf war, fueled by white wine and too much Halloween candy.

  • How can you put that quote from Jim Graham in there? Sounds like this was a targeted drive by. These guys were going to do this crime regardless of what police do or don’t do. Most likely, the guys who were shot would not have been standing there if police were there, they would have been standing somewhere else, and would have gotten shot there.

    How about Jim Graham tries to work harder with the police on gang prevention and social programs to get these kids off the street and out of situations that lead to this type of violence, instead of throwing out criticisms like this? Because just saying, “Whatever the police are doing is not working” is not a solution, and is definitely not helpful.

  • True. Then againl, it is also not guaranteed that that was the only thing Graham said.

    Gang scum. It must be a great feeling to have sunk so low in human dignity, that you do a drive by shooting on the Halloween night. Just makes me sick. And of course now the Police has to rely on the surveillance video only because no one is willing to say anythinga about what they saw…

  • Does anyone know if the victims were students or adults?

  • “Because just saying, “Whatever the police are doing is not working” is not a solution, and is definitely not helpful.”

    I get what you’re saying, but the fact of the matter is that the police and the city need to get this type of thing under control. Not only for the most basic reasons of safety and respect, but also because there are now mega-$$$ tied up in Columbia Heights. This cannot–and should not–happen. The response needs to be swift and severe. To be honest, I don’t know what the police were–or were not–doing, and I’d agree that it doesn’t do any good to criticize their past actions at this point. But if they don’t find exactly who is responsible, and if those individuals aren’t held accountable for their actions, the city will be in a pretty indefensible position.

  • Cupofyoshi, I don’t know, but I would hope that given they were shooting back they would be adults.. but, hey, this is America, so I guess I am being naive. Btw, why do you ask?

  • I taught at Bell High School in Columbia Heights, and many of my students live near that intersection. It also wouldn’t be the first time that Bell students were caught up in gang-related shootings. A better source of information in these situations, rather than the Wash Times, is usually the kids.

  • I heard the shots from my window, and I could have sworn it was a bunch of firecrackers. That is just crazy!

  • Maybe Jim should close those homes near the shootings, or the gas stations where the perps bought gas.

  • Graham’s email, cut and pasted from the U Street listserv:


    Dear Friends: Last night was a tough night for our neighborhoods…with armed
    car jacking, one homicide, four wounded two critically, another wounding on
    Sherman Avenue, robberies..more robberies.

    [Clearly]* we need additional solutions to the crime problems we are facing. What is
    being done now is not as successful as we need.

    But we are at work on other solutions. Briefly, here they are:

    1) GANG INTERVENTION:Following my suggestion 10 days ago, we have had two very
    positive meetings on taking the successful model on gang interventions that we
    have for Latinos, and extending it to African American crews. We have some
    preliminary commitments from MPD leadership.

    2) BETTER TECHNOLOGY; I have asked Mayor Fenty to provide 3D with SHotspotters,
    so we can have better technology to fight crime by identifying the area from
    which shots are being fired. We have also got to replace the current cameras
    with others that are more versatile, and more effective.t What we have now is
    very high tech but also very rigid and of limited utility. Better–though not
    necessarily more expensive cameras–can be a helpful crime fighting tool.

    3) MORE POLICE, GREATER POLICE PRESENCE: Steps have recently been taken to
    improve foot patrols. But Chief Lanier now has from the Council the authority
    for 350 additional officers. They should be hired as soon as possible while
    keeping quality standards high. In eth meantime, police have got to be assigned
    where they are needed. Right now, the escalating level of violence in our Ward
    calls for a significant increase in police presence.

    respectfully disagree with the decision that Chief Lanier made over the weekend.
    I had called upon her to use her emergency powers to shut down El Salvadoreno,
    on 14th Street at Parkwood, after still another stabbing. We must continue to
    send a clear message that we mean business in this regard…not on an single
    event of serious crime, but when there is present a clear pattern of a bar that
    draws violence to its premises. Such is the case with El Salvadoreno. As
    recently as about a year ago, its license was suspended for 60 days (30 days
    stayed) as a result of 12 crimes over a prior 18 month period.

    In all of thsi, we are not by any means overlooking the root causes of crime,
    and need to engage our young people in meaningful ways…especially when they
    are very young. And also, in providing job and training opportunity for a better

    But right now, we are facing a very serious set of challenges. One shooting
    tends to give rise to more, as revenge is sought.

    Chief, we need these new approaches right away.

    Bests CM Jim Graham


    * For accuracy’s sake, Graham had typed “celery” here, but I doubt it is what he intended.

  • I might have to tack a trip to Baghdad for some piece and quiet

  • Sadly, more police presence is listed as number 3….Doesn’t seem to be Graham’s priority even though that is one of the only statistically proven methods of reducing crime.

  • We all need to volunteer as mentors and tutors to these kids. Greater DC Cares has a listing of all the organizations in need of caring adults to work with at risk youth: There should also be a strictly enforced, year round youth curfew.

  • Do we (the readers) care enough to do anything substantive?

  • GforGood, I hope that wasn’t the only thing he said, and despite Jim Graham’s penchant very brief statements, I’m still assuming course that it wasn’t the only thing he said.

    I’m just challenging PoP for using that quote in that it comes across as putting the blame solely on the police and gives Graham’s criticisms a mouthpiece through this blog.

    Unfortunately, as with so many other crimes, especially homicides, it will take citizens coming forward with info in order to catch these scumbags. Hopefully, they will not continue to sad story of neighborhoods and neighbors who don’t want to “rat”, either out of fear, indifference, or straight up disdain for the police, and allow this to keep happening to their fellow citizens.
    But as you all know, this is a problem that needs help across the board.

    So PoP, where do we start?

  • bofrog, unfortunately in that area, not much. the 14th St corridor starting around clifton up to harvard is a constant problem. which makes it seem easy, right? you know where the problem is right?
    unfortunately, it just ain’t that easy.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I am but a simple observer…but I think mentoring programs or any programs that can “break the cycle of violence” are a good start along with a visible police presence.

  • DK, I agree. I too am completely puzzled by the culture of not helping police at least try to solve crime. As if that is going to help in making the police treat you better, more equally and with more respect. Not being able to inform the police because of justified fear of revenge is of course a different matter.

  • I will shamelessly advertise our need for mentors at my place of employment, a shelter for homeless families called Community of Hope. We’re located at 14th and Girard, one block behind the shooting —

  • Anon: I tried to look at your website for “community of hope” and received the message that I am not authorized to view the page. I have never received that message before. Any other way to get info on your group?

  • Thanks Jason.

  • thanks for the links to the volunteer organizations guys!

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