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  • the raven hands down in dc and if anyone is ever in new orleans snake and jakes has to top the all time dive bar list!

  • definitely Dan’s Cafe…

  • The Raven and the Tune Inn are both up there. Nod to the Raven since its with in stubmling distance.

  • Red Derby definitely has potential. That said, I can’t believe Toledo Lounge isn’t on the list. Hmmm….
    As for Polly’s, I’ve only been there once, but I was SHOCKED at the price of my burger and side salad. Something like $14. That’s not a dive bar price. Never been back, probably never will.

  • where’s Dan’s cafe? I can’t place it in my head, and I’m pretty sure they got the address wrong there… it’s not on top of wonderland. 🙂

  • Pretty sure that Dan’s is on Mt Pleasant St and Kenyon….could be wrong but its in that general area.

  • pretty sure dan’s is that place on the south end of 18th st. in adam’s morgan.

  • Yeah, I take back the Mt Pleasant post….Adams Morgan sounds right.

  • dan’s is right next to the spaghetti garden/brass monkey…it’s a little blue shack that’d you wouldn’t really notice if you weren’t looking for it

    i haven’t been there in a really long time, but i once loved to start my evening there before the crowds picked up…but now, adams morgan just sucks…the later it gets on a weekend night, the worse the crowds get, and not in volume, but rather in kind…just a bunch of people actually looking to cause trouble…shame because it used to be that you just had to dodge puke piles, but now you have to dodge knifings and bullets

  • Ah Pauper, with your comment, Adams Morgan comes full circle.

    I lived there 1986-1988, before it got totally yupped up. People used to talk about it like it was Dodge City (wasn’t really though). Now it different people, but the same fears return.

  • when’s the last time you were there at 2am? i’ve been going there for almost 10 years and when i recently walked out of the bar i was in, it was downright anarchy…fights breaking out, guys groping women they don’t know, CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER!!!!

  • The best dive in DC is Chuck and Billy’s on Georgia Ave. It beats Snake and Jakes hands down.

  • Chuck and Billy’s? Where is this fine establishment?

  • Georgia and Euclid – across from Howard University. Delicious fish too!

  • Chief Ike’s on Columbia Road.

    And for the record, I recently escaped Adams Morgan and moved to Petworth. After more than 10 years living a block from the “strip”, i can tell you that it has changed immensely. It’s a fabulous place to live during the week, and there used to be SOME neighborhood character on weekends. But pauper is right–now it’s a bunch of drunk interns and college students and suburbanites who have no respect for the community. Most residents won’t even go over to 18th street on weekends.


  • Safari Bar on Georgia Ave NW, RIGHT HERE IN PETWORTH BABY!! Warm, friendly, divey, un-“discovered.”

    Wait! Oops.

  • Stan’s. It’s at the intersection of Vermont/14th/L. It has everything — it’s a basement bar. It has Keno. It has awesome burgers. Cheap beer. Bad Beer. Sweet Wilt Chamberlain mirror ad for Canadian Club Whiskey that looks like it’s been on the wall since the ’70s. Filled with “regulars”. Carribean lady with an interesting personality behind the bar. Ugly black decor that clearly hasn’t been updated since the ’80s. It looks like where the the “cops” in the Sabotage video would hang out.

    Highly recommended if you need to sneak out of your office for a few beers some afternoon.

  • “beats snake and jake’s hands down”?

    Those are some tall words, m’man. I’ll have to go take a look at this Chuck & Billy’s, because, damn – snake and jakes is a world standard dive bar. It’s where all the chefs and musicians go to get hammered when they are done for the night. It may as well not even be open until 2:30 AM.

  • Sorry, snake and jake’s policy of free drinks for any naked customers always turned my stomach. Everyone at Chuck and Billy’s is clothed.

  • Trusty’s in SE


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