Are They Trying a Little Too Hard?

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This is a banner for a new condo being built behind the 9:30 club. “118 Hip Modern Lofts” and “Views that rock”. Is this what some market research said would resonate with those looking for urban digs? What makes a loft hip anyway?

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  • I almost drove into this banner while coming around the tight corner from Vermont Ave. All I care is that they hurry up and finish redoing the street.

  • Lord, I almost feel embarassed on behalf of the marketing GENIUS that came up with this beauty. Then again, the building is living up to the reputation that its namesake has for sheer idiocy.

    Florida: America’s punch line.

  • They missed “flip flop on over.”

  • whoa now. I take offense to the Florida line. Let me guess, must be someone from New Jersey

  • “I may have a mortgage, but I still know how to rawk!!!” *does devil horns with fingers on both hands*

  • Ah, now. Just the humble thoughts of a native North Carolinian. If New Jersey is the armpit of America, that makes Florida…the taint?

    Just kidding, I’m sure even I’ll end up retiring there one day.

  • If you check out their website, you have to read this dribble before you can “log in” to just get past the main page:

    “Two 8-story towers of sleek stainless steel, colored glass and limestone. Park your car underground and hit the pavement in your walking shoes. Make the most of U Street, the city’s hottest neighborhood, with loft condos that rebel against the ordinary.”

    I knew you guys needed a laugh.

  • As a person born in Florida and who grew up in NJ……. 🙁

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  • The idea of rebellious loft condos does make me want to laugh. Washington never had a true warehouse district that developed into residential units. So, all these developers are going around throwing up these “loft-lite” structures, outfitting them with granite and stainless steel (SO OVER!) and colored glass (?) and then calling them “rebel(s) against the ordinary?” They are the poseurs.

  • Is this by Garfield Terrace — one of the worst housing areas (according to my neighbor)?

  • Wow, who would have imagined that Russell Simmons and Urban Outfitters would have a “collabo” and build Hip-Hop Hipster Yo! MTV Raps Condos.

  • DistrictAutocrats: Does that mean that Fab 5 Freddy will be at the ribbon cuttin’? {hopes}

  • Oden: Dressed as “The Man from Mars,” but sadly Blondie will not be able to attend.

  • what a horrible area to be building condos! and an even more horrible marketing campaign.

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