A Suburb in the City?

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I’ve always noticed this really nice block of rowhomes on 13th and V. But when you take a closer look, you realize that there are no porches or stoops to hang out on. I thought to myself, man I need a haircut, then I thought to myself how is there no space to hang out front? So I wandered around back.

Whoa. What’s this? It’s like a whole gated community. It’s really quite nice, everyone has a parking garage and balcony. But I just can’t help but think that this takes away some of the joys of city living. Hanging out with your neighbors, people watching, etc. What do you think?

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  • a friend of mine was looking to buy one of these a few years back. she said they were much smaller than they look and things were layed out a little weird

    i’d still love to have my own garage and a balcony to sit on

  • Lil’ Gal and I looked at one. It was approximately $200K more than our much larger (and nicer) PW rowhouse. They are like your typical condos on the inside… no character. BUT they are very close to Ben’s Chilli Bowl. But yes, totally suburban and the inner row has no view and no natural light. Much cooler, but still too pricey, are the row houses on 12 1/2 Street between there and Cardozo. They are teeny-tiny little places, but if you were single they’d be nice little houses to have.

  • Re Oden: You’d be surprised at house size. My wife and I share a 800 Sqft place in the 700 block areas off Georgia. You’d be surprised how much you can fit inside a place like that.

  • Sorry, but nothing says ghetto more than hanging out on the front porch. You want to socialize? That’s what living rooms or back yards are for.

  • 800 sq ft doesn’t even cover Lil’ Gal’s summer wardrobe.

  • it is GREAT however, that when the developer took this block and re-did it, he took notice of the city and neighborhood in which it was located, and made his design fit. compare with another developer, the one who did dc usa–it could have fallen from the sky it has no sense of the community or place it is in.

  • Toby, that’s utterly ridiculous. There’s nothing inherently “ghetto” about hanging out on the front porch. There’s a porch on Quincy that has really nice furniture and I always think to myself that it’d be great to come home and have a glass of wine out on that porch. Plus, you might actually meet some of your neighbors that you probably wouldn’t meet if you stayed inside or in the back yard.

    I’ll give you that porches with broken chairs, old couches and tv’s are trashy, but not everyone’s front porch isn’t like that.

  • That was an ugly comment, Toby. What for?

  • agree with pauper.

  • pauper: stop talking about my porchcouch.

  • Oden, he is talking about our swing, not your 70s couch..

  • there’s nothing “social” about staying inside your house and avoiding your neighbors, toby.

  • Iagree with invisible sun– I’ve always loved this place b/c for once in the U St. area some new condos actually look like they belong in the neighborhood, and aren’t modern, twisted-steel monstrosities.

  • Toby… I completely agree with you…

  • Sorry Toby, but nothing says bigot more than statements like yours. You want to live like that? That

  • This is Harrison Square, developed by EYA in the early 2000s, pre-Whole Foods. The area was completely different at the time, so this was a renegade project and encouraged a lot of other revitalization in the neighborhood. I’m very much a historic preservationist, so not a big fan of new construction, but I like EYA because they are very sensitive to the surrounding architecture.

  • Interesting, so is this a good place to live? What do people think about this place (1 year later (+1 POP years), and without the arguing about whether it is acceptable or not to hang out on a porch).

  • I live on the Hill and there are many houses without front porches – though they are common.

    I think they did a good job blending those and good space planning. I think the also thought about catering to those who grew up in the burbs elsewhere in the US who are used to garages.

  • A friend of mine lives there- its a nice place! Great location too.

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