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This is the new CVS located at 10th and U. But I took a look at the little sign outside and it revealed that the CVS is housed in a historic DC building. So I ask you, is it a shame that a historic building now houses a CVS or is it great that the building still exists and there is a little sign to commemorate its past?

According to the sign the building has been an “important social and cultural center.  In addition to the Masons, it has housed a bowling alley, ballroom, and restaurant.”  And now a CVS.  Maybe I’m just looking a bit too deeply into this.  If it housed a bowling alley surely it can house a CVS…but, man, a bowling alley would be way cooler.

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  • For a while CVS’s business model seemed to include taking over, much-loved theaters. Or at least it seemed that way. CVS now occupies both the Biograph in Georgetown and the MacArthur (in Palisades). In fact the MacArthur CVS still retains the original ticket window and some posters. To remind us of better times, I guess.

  • It’s depressing to me. To see a historical building changed into a ubiquitous place of bad service and attitude…sigh.

  • CVS is like the new Boston Market. Remember when for a half a second it seemed like Boston Markets were opening up inside other Boston Markets? (And now you can’t find a Boston Market restaurant hardly anywhere — come back, delicious creamed spinach!) I half expect to see a new CVS opening up in the back of a currently-operating CVS.

    It amuses me, in a slightly bitter way, to see what kind of stuff is on display vs. locked up or behind the counter in the CVS near my office (Bethesda) vs. the CVS near where I used to live (on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan) vs. the CVS up on Georgia Avenue. There’s definitely a difference.

  • There is also a CVS in a historically designated theater in Brookland.

  • Oh, Christina. I, too, play the “what’s locked behind the counter” at CVS game. It is mind blowing, to say the least… For example, the CVS on the DC/MD border (Eastern Avenue) in Northwest, locks body wash and KY liquid up… But if one walks over to the magazine racks, fine literature such as “Soldier Of Fortune” and “Guns and Ammo”
    are right there…. As Don King likes to say, “Only in America.”

  • A while back at the one in Glover Park I found hand soap(!) in a locked cabinet.

  • Soap (such as Dove) is always in a locked container at CVS!

  • Not in Bethesda it’s not — as far as I know, that is — the last time I was in my “office” CVS I was trying to get some cheap Halloween candy, not looking for soap. Now I’m intrigued!

  • we should all check various cvs and see what is behind lock and key. i tell ya this-the attitudes, long lines ( and did i say atitudes?) are free as a bird!

  • The CVS in Adams Morgan is also inside a historic DC theater, The Ontario. It was a Peoples that had originally been at the corner of 18th and Columbia where the MacDonalds is now. It shares the space with a cheap sort of dollar store/luggage store that uses the old Ontario marquee to hawk its wares. Back in the 60’s the Ontario had the second largest screen in DC, i think, after the Uptown installed a super huge CineRama screen to run the gigantic widescreen movie “How the West Was Won”. The Ontario fell on hard times in the 70’s but tried to hold on by running triple-features for cheap tickets. They were crappy movies though like “Dracula’s Dog” (no lie) and “hotel Hell”. Then they started having live music and almost made a comeback They hosted acts like Blondie, The Police on their fist US tour (tickets were $3.00!) and the Village People (I designed the poster for that show, still have a copy of it) and lots of local punk and New Wave acts like Tiny Desk Unit.

    Ooh, wait, I’m rambling again.


    Damn CVS.

  • Oh, yeah…why does CVS lock up lotion, soap and deodorant in some stores? You ever ride the 70 bus and seen any of, at least, 3 guys trying to sell you those items out of one of those big stripey plastic shopping bags? Where do you think they get their merchandise?

    Sweat socks are big item, too.

    Got me a coupla pairs of them…

  • “There is also a CVS in a historically designated theater in Brookland.”

    That’s in my neck of the woods. Bad service there too. There’s some idiot girl there I’ve dealt with twice (I bought something last Friday but had to take it back the next day and she was there both times). Girl goes off in a zone while I place my stuff on the counter.

    Me: “I’d like to return this please.”
    Girl: (finally coming out of her stoner’s coma) “Hawh?” (not even “huh?” but that obnoxious “Hawh?”)

    There was another woman there who was rung up by this girl and the poor woman waited patiently for her bag while this girl went into another one of her funky trances.

    Sorry for getting long-winded, but I’m sick of these horribly run CVS’s getting opened up like this—especially when it takes the place of a former historic landmark.

  • i saw the police at the old ontario theater back in the day. not to mention ” the sound of music.” it was a lovely, cavernous theater….

  • CVS never had or has a business model to open up stores in movie theaters…clearly they open in well located retail spaces in urban areas where they can fit…in VACANT spaces…i.e. where independent movie theaters have died out…CVS has nothing to do with their demise…blame the large MOVIE chains for first syphoning their business and in turn strangling them. Futher, if you want better service through communication from employees don’t expect CVS to handle this perhaps it’s the shitty DC public schools and the parent(s) that should be teaching proper communication to their teenagers…..read Bill Cosby’s new book and you’ll be awaken to this. These blogs are quite a time wasting device…my first entry…and hopefully my last.

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  • thanks POP for the simpleton response

  • Simple as a koan, dscinwdc.

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