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So I have often walked by Jeans N Things located on 11th Street between Wonderland and 11th St. Deli. I think 97% of the time it has been closed when I’ve walked by but I actually saw it open the other day. It seems to be mostly women’s clothes and such. Has anyone checked it out? Good stuff?

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  • Not if the way that mannequin is dressed is any indication … ha.

  • I walked in last week while waiting on my food from 11th St. Deli…I walked right back out. The owner was friendly and said that they would be getting fall items next week, but based on what’s in there now?!…maybe he has a new vision for fall.

  • i support this store. i may not want to shop there but a lot of people do. i believe the man who owns this store also owns the deli.

  • Franklin, proprietor of Franklin’s (now 11th St. deli) owns the deli, the clothing store and the empty lot next to El Riconcito Deportivo. From my understanding, he is sitting on the property until it becomes so valuable that he can sell it and retire a millionaire.

    He sits outside next to the mannequins every weekend, so maybe ask him about the jeans next time you stroll by.

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