Yes, Of Course That is an Ax

Ax, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Man, I’ve been finding the most interesting items lately. Here is an ax just chilling on a chain link fence near a Church. There are no trees here. There is no wood here. Just an ax. Yep. Um, is this normal?

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  • Maybe it’s why there are no trees. A renegade axe.

  • Maul. Somebody’s getting ready for winter.

  • Ummm, it’s a bottle opener? (bud commercial, hee hee).

  • Nita, you beat me to it. That commercial cracks me up.
    Pop, this may be one of those neighbors you want to make sure you say hi to and remain on their good side. 🙂

  • Maybe this is the pedestrian maul you are pining for.

  • I think I know that lot. If you look around it seems that he/she was working in the garden and… all of a sudden… stopped. Maybe he/she had a heart attack or sump’in. It looks like it was a pretty big garden project.

  • I like the fence. Neighbors, when you get a new chain-link fence installed, don’t let them put up the cheap flimsy stuff! Go for the stronger grade!

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