Two New Rumors

I heard this evening that the great bar and brunch place Tunnicliff’s Tavern in Eastern Market is opening up a new store on U Street between 13th and 14th.

I also heard that Velvet Lounge may be sold to the owners of Local 16 and Eighteenth Street Lounge. Wild news.

Anyone else heard these rumors?

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  • “Tuna Cliffs”???

    Is this the strip club version of “Tunnicliff’s”?

  • Tunnicliff’s is a great little spot! Good food and a fun place to hang out. It would be cool it they opened something closer.

  • Speaking of rumors, does anyone know what happened last evening on Georgia and Upshur? Police cars swarming, a couple wrecked cars, and yellow tape across several side streets.

  • There was something on the MPD4D listserve about a dumbass kid shooting at cops, speeding off and crashing at Georgia/Varnum. He was caught on Iowa, if I remember correctly.

  • What great news. I hope the rumors are true. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out at Tunnicliff’s; any visit to Capitol Hill is a great excuse to stop by. By the way, it is my understanding that the owners of Stoney’s and Tunnicliff’s are the same folks.

  • Glory be, this would be great, although I must confess to not having heard this specific rumor. We try to make it over to Stoney’s every once in awhile, so if Billy is around perhaps I’ll try to ask him.

    Ben’s Chili Bowl is expanding as well, with plans for a lounge in the vacant space adjacent to them. There’s a great diversity of shops springing up on U, and it’s glad to see development continuing along the corridor.

  • I want Ben’s to expand to Upshur. That way I can quit my job, eat at Ben’s every day, gain 250lbs, and become a professional videogame player.

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