There is Officially No China Left in This Town

"China" Town, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I used to love walking by this shop in China Town. It reminded me of NYC China Town where you could spot fully birds and other animals hanging in the window. Alas it appears it has gone out of business. Oh well, I guess it is exciting that there will be a Marvelous Market in China Town…

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  • yeah. pretty sad about china town. if you search the post, there’s a bunch of articles about it’s demise and turf warfare between tony cheng,

    they should call it ‘chinatown was’.

    actually, they should hold a nomination tournament to see what the best name for the area would be.

    it ain’t chinatown….

  • Marvelous Market? Is that what’s going in there? Ah, well. I’m sure it’ll have a Chinese sign.

  • Nomination for Best Name for Chinatown in Washington, DC: “China Block”. Sad but true.

  • Interesting that it’s a Marvelous Market, since there had been one just down 7th from where this one will be located (It was one of the first wave of shops to come to Chinatown before all the big chains came in). Apparently the rent was too high, and it closed to make way for a Comfort One shoes.

  • Marvelous Market already had a Chinatown store, which failed. Are they trying again?

  • Maybe I was wrong about the Marvelous Market but I thought I saw one going in across the street from this store.

  • Chinablock, indeed. There aren’t even many Chinese restaurants there anymore. Rather sad what has happened but…eh, time marches on.

  • china town was… u street was
    “black broadway”….
    columbia heights was -what is that term- “sketchy”-but affordable..

  • The Marvelous Market in Chinatown did not fail. The landlord bought out their lease in order to replace them with a tenant that would pay more money. I thought that Vapiano was taking over that location in Chinatown.

  • I often lament this as well. I am nostalgic for the days I used to park my car with trepidation along 7th St amidst all the broken car window glass. Starbucks and Ruby Tuesday spelled out in Chinese is just not the same.

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