State of the Union in a Sorry State

IMG_4363, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This used to be one of the best bars in the city located on U Street way before U Street was popping. I always loved the mural of Lenin that you can hardly make out today. It seems kind of sad. Why is this prime location left in such a state of disrepair?

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  • I agree this was one of the best bars. I would argue, however, it wasn’t “before U St. was popping”. True, it was a different vibe, and there weren’t all the condos and hipsters around, but U Street was DEFINITELY popping back then. Man, I miss those U Street days sometimes…

  • They were calling it the HU-New corridor at that point believe it or not. 1992/1993, those were the days. Stu on the bar, acid jazz on the speakers and house made pear infused vodka (always chilled) in my glass.

  • -and the chandelier. it does make me sad too if i think about it. i guess i should experience all the other new clubs in the area…

  • i remember the joint back in ’95.

    pretty ‘underground’ for the time, but, the times, they are a changin’.

    so sad, too bad.

    check out the new joints, or venture over to H street – the new U Street.

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