See, I’m Not the Only One Obsessed With Petworth/Columbia Heights

Thanks to Zach for alerting me to this fascinating group. I can’t wait to read the next report.

Zach writes: “Lastly, a group called Social Compact just started doing door-to-door surveys in Petworth as part of a “drilldown” analysis, basically looking at positives in the neighborhood rather than negatives. They have an interesting report on their website that was done in 2002 for Columbia Heights and Petworth that gives a different perspective on the neighborhood than what you would get from census figures.”

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  • That is a pretty interesting site for those of us interested in the locale…thanks PoP

  • very interesting. it seems that there is (or was 5 years ago) a huge untapped market for banking services.

    it’s funny because people at columbia heights news bitch and moan every time there is news about a new bank coming to the neighborhood…

  • let’s look a little closer…check out social compact’s “staff and partners” page. the partners are about 85% banks. bank of america, bancorp, affinity bank, washington mutual…and that’s not even the half of it. considering what the previous commentor just said–that petworth/columbia heights residents bitch and moan every time there’s a new bank coming to the neighborhood–it seems to me that it’s social compact that wants more banks here, not the residents.

  • If you’ve ever had to wait in line for anything at the Bank of America on Georgia Avenue or the new Wachovia in the Tivoli–especially on a weekend–you could not help but agree that our neighborhoods badly need more banks.

    I have waited in line for in excess of an hour at both locations.

    For all people complain about lines at the Giant, the lines at the banks are far, far worse.

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