Rumbaros for Brunch

Rumbraros for Brunch, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Has anyone checked out this joint yet located on 14th Street right near Mayorga? It looks pretty good from the outside. I’m excited to check it out. So, what’s the word, thumbs up or thumbs down?

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  • I am a fan of Rumbero’s, but not for brunch. The brunch is a bit underwhelming. However, they have good music a few nights a week–I really like the jazz trio that play on Thursday, and on Friday, they have a couple of dudes playing latin music. Also good. The food is pretty decent (I know some people disagree with me), and the drinks are good and I like the bartenders. A nice place for grown-ups to hang out at. Overall, I give it a thumbs up.

  • The place has progressively gotten better sense they first opened. I like it a lot now.

  • Thumbs way up. Food is pretty good, some of the tapas excellent. Caipirinhas way too sweet, but mohito was not bad. Brunch was not great, but willing to give it another chance. Excellent atmosphere for a place that just started in a brand new space (Rumba Cafe by same owners has a more authentic feel still).

    Fantastic to have it in our neighborhood!

  • i’ve been there a couple of times and have enjoyed it. one time, an attractive group of older south american women sat next to us — has to be a good sign, right?

  • Glad to hear it’s gotten better. I tried it a few times last summer, but after the last experience (when it took over 2 hours to get our overpriced, mediocre tapas with no apologies or comps), I vowed not to return. That being said, the space is beautiful.

  • The drinks are excellent. Music is decent. Everything seems a bit too expensive though.

  • I’ve read reviews that talk about how the entrees are overpriced for the quality, but the tapas/appetizers are really delicious. That’s been my experience as well. Their mojitos and capirinhas are excellent.

  • Thumbs definitely up.
    It amazes me that so many people complain about the prices. I just paid $15 for a burger and small side salad at a place listed as “best cheap eats”, so how on earth can Rumberos be considered over-priced?
    The food is good (the plantain with smothered cheese is a huge guilty pleasure of mine), the space is gorgeous, they have a decent happy hour. I don’t know about the brunch, but the dinner is a winner. (ooooh, I’m a poet!)

  • The food is definitely hit or miss. I had a terrible steak the other night, but some of the tapas are really excellent. Ultimately, though, the space is so cool that they could serve me an old shoe and I might still come back.

  • Y’all are nuts. It’s a nice place to hang out and have a few beers, but the food isn’t very good at all. I actually got a “Cuban sandwich” there once that was literally inedible. Just awful. I got it carry-out (we used to live nearby), but if I had eaten it at the restaurant it was so bad I would have complained and sent it back. Won’t likely eat there again (unless PoP pays).

  • i like this place….there usually isn’t a wait which is great.

  • Waaay too expensive. And colheightschic, just because you paid too much somewhere else doesn’t make high prices here any more reasonable. It’s like The Heights. If I’m paying 20 bucks a plate, I expect white tablecloths and I’m going to be wearing my best funeral suit.

    Happy hour drinks at rumberos are a little cheaper, but still pricey.

    It is just me, or is there a great market to open a comfort food place with 8 dollar entrees that’s not behind bullet-proof plexiglass. I mean, I have a nice job, but 50 dollar dinners for my wife and I are anniversary-level tabs.

    -signed, a guy who isn’t in credit card debt.

  • Mr. McNeal, I’m sure you have some hobby that you throw some money into. For some people, eating out is a hobby so spending $50 on dinner is no different than spending $50 on tickets to a baseball game or something of the sort. It’s sort of rude and ignorant to assume and imply that people who dine out regularly at nicer restaurants are in credit card debt.

    And I feel bad for your wife that you’re not willing to buck up a bit more to celebrate what probably was the best day of your life. I mean you can drop almost $50 at Ruby Tuesdays on 2 beers and 2 entrees.

  • Seriously. Rumberos is not expensive. I’ll grant you that its not cheap either but good lord. You’re in the middle of the city not some truck stop in Iowa. Went to a wedding reception at Rumberos in the fall, and I thought the food was pretty good. Have been back for dinner once and enjoyed it. Oden – what was wrong with the sandwich?

  • hey, emoemu! I happen to _love_ the Boondocks Cafe one mile from my grandpa’s farm in Iowa. Nothin like truckstop water, I mean, coffee.

    but you’re right. You people live in a CITY. Expect to pay CITY prices. Else, go back to Area 703.

  • emo: “Inedible” is not descriptive enough?

    It tasted like a piece of filthy carpet on stale bread. Making a sandwich from a dead armadillo pulled from a drainage ditch in Cut’N’Shoot, Texas would taste better. If I worked for the Cuban consulate I would get a cease and desist order against Rumbaros to stop calling it a “Cuban” sandwich and re-title it more accurately as a “sh$t” sandwich.

  • i’ve been there twice now, both with the same result: mostly overpriced and largely mediocre food (with some exception) served decently in an absolutely gorgeous space. the place is beautiful. but the filet tapa (shockingly good cut of steak) and hearts of palm salad aside, the food’s just ok — and certainly more expensive than it should be.

  • odentex: I had a similar cuban sandwich experience. Shoe leather. That was the first time I went there and almost didn’t ever go back. But on many subsequent visits I’ve been much happier. The food has improved over time. Give Rumberos another shot, but don’t try another cuban sandwich.

    Those looking for cheaper eats in the neighborhood, walk up 14th a few blocks to Taqueria Distrito Federal (not sure of the exact spelling on that). I think it is at 14th and Otis.

    They’ve got lots of quality Mexican fare at low prices. Nothing gourmet, but solid food for nights when you don’t want to cook. I eat there a few times per week. We’re renovating our house and have no kitchen (and little money), so inexpensive eating out is a must.

  • I’ve only been there once, but loved it. It was a great space, but I didn’t get the yuppie gentrifier vibe like I do at The Heights (and I am a yuppie gentrifier, so I can say that… right?)

    My husband and I both enjoyed our meals and thought the price was fair for the overall experience. He’s Cuban and super picky about plantains, and they got the okay here. I’ll count my lucky stars that we didn’t order said sandwich…
    One thing I LOVED was that their portion sizes were reasonable (not insanely huge, very civilized).

    I also agree that Taqueria Distrito Federal just about takes the cake for best cheap eats in the area. They serve tongue, so you know it’s legit! They just need to serve more beverages for WASPy chicks like me who don’t dig orchata (ick!) or jugo de Tamarindo (blech!).

    Come to think of it…. I think PoP should do an interview with the Taqueria DF owners 🙂

  • That’s a good call Gina stay tuned…

  • PoP: I’ve been hearin’ lotsa good stuff about DF in my quest to get a decent friggin’ enchilada in DC… haven’t made it over there yet tho…

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