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GforGood had an interesting question: “PoP or others, do you have any other rumors or facts about retail coming to the apartment/condo buildings (besides the Yes! Organic Market and the Mocha Hut)?” I assume he is talking about the condos being built above the metro and up Georgia Ave. The only other rumor I heard was that, I think, Lakritz developers were buying the Murrel realty space on Georgia Ave. right near Domku and that they were thinking about putting in a dining/cafe venue on the first floor. Anyone else know of any rumors or facts about coming development?

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  • It’s not truly local, but there was an article in the Post this week about Radio One relocating from Lanham and building on top of the Howard Metro. The article said city officials said they expected other developers to follow suit with residential and retail development including 25% affordable (whatever that means) housing. The article also said that it would help jump start the continued revitalization of GA Avenue being that it is close to the 7th change into GA.

    Now all that being said, I haven’t lived here long enough to know if that is complete and total bs, but my guess it is a least a little rosy, if not downright scarlet.

  • Well, any such development would certainly take several years (some of the buildings in the master plan approved in 2006 for Petworth Metro area will take 3-5 years to complete) , but there will certainly be some knock on effect if Radio One does indeed move there.

  • Speaking of Mocha Hut, I haven’t walked recently over to the long-closed (“for renovations”) Mocha Hut on 14th St. across from the Metrobus barn (between Crittenden and Decatur). Does anyone know if they ever plan to reopen? The website makes it look as tho it’s been open all along, but I bet it’s been two years since it closed up with a sign that says it’s being renovated. I know this is somewhat out of y’all’s neighborhood. Of course, we do have Lily’s …

  • The 3910 property on Georgia (same block as the Wendy’s) is supposed to include a Gold’s Gym and some kind of magazine/sandwich shop.

    And I’ve heard there’s a certain wine/chocolate joint venture in the works . . .

  • Are they going to close the Wendys I wonder? That woundn’t be so bad, but I’ll chain myself to the Popeyes if they try and tear it down! If I can’t have spicy chicken I’ll hurt someone!

  • 😀 well, there are a few non-chain chicken places on Georgia Ave. so even if Popeys closes you should be able to find your fix.

    I would imagine that a wine/chocolate shop would have to wait for a lot of the new condos and apartments to finish before it could survive.. I hope I am wrong about that though.

  • odentex — the developer tried to buy the Wendy’s but Wendy’s wouldn’t sell. And I got the gym wrong — it’s Results not Golds.

  • What’s the latest on the homeless shelter, anyone know?

  • Yes! isn’t building in the metro development, as far as i know. they’ve chosen another site at 4200 Georgia, in the old Budget rental lot, @ Georgia & Taylor.

  • Gforgood: I’ll have to try Eatmore someday, but while I’m sure there is plenty of good local chicken (need to also try the Hitchin’ Post, I know, I know), I grew up eating spicy Popeyes chicken… their regular chicken isn’t so great… but the spicy batter. YUM.

  • I assume that the Eatmore Fried Chicken people keep talking about is the one located at the corner of Georgia and Quincy. I’ve never seen it open! Is there a secret entrance I don’t know about or something? Has anybody ever actually had chicken from this place?

  • While we are on the subject of chicken places, has anyone ever eaten at Cluck-U chicken? I don’t eat fried chicken, but I just love that name.

  • The same owners as 18th st lounge are opening a new bar called Marvin at 14th and U (where the subway used to be), opening first week of October

  • Kelly– Cluck-U is just aight….we used to get it delivery back in the undergrad days. They’ll take forever and a day to deliver and I’m not sure dining in is quite the luxury one would hope for.

    Odentex– c’mon, you gotta hit the Hitching Post. As a fried food afficionado (read: Southerner), I have only positive things to say about their fried chicken (both the quality and quantity were staggering).

  • The Central Union Homeless Shelter is coming to Petworth. Even though there has been a community outcry to stop it, there is no stopping it. It should be open around the same time as Park Place.

  • Does anyone know what Beveragemanis is going to be?

  • When Fenty was still our councilcritter, he had information on all the coming development on his website.

    I can’t find it on Bowser’s site, but I know it does exist. Perhaps an email to her would get this information.

  • Perhaps this is the plan you are referring to:


    It is rather general, has several options for different sites, and I guess these things change over time – i.e. execution will differ from the plan.

  • This article talks about a lot of the development going on here in Petworth: http://dcmud.blogspot.com/2007/09/ndc-breaks-ground-on-georgia-avenue.html

  • Haven’t heard about anything other than Mocha Hut and Results as previously stated. However, take note that Donatelli/Klein also have the property across the street from Park Place for a smaller project.

    As for the Shelter, Mr. Graham responded to an e-mail I sent last week stating they are before the zoning commission to ensure no construction begins. It’s still not a done deal.

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