Please Pick Up Your "Pick Up Your Poop Signs"

I’ve noticed a number of these signs around the neighborhood. To be honest I hadn’t known that there was a serious poop problem. Is there? It appears a renegade member of the community has posted a number of these signs around town. Unfortunately they are not affixed very well to the lamp posts and as a result they are scattered on the sidewalks becoming quite a nuisance themselves. So is there even a poop problem to be worried about? Is this a good way to go about addressing the “problem” given the whole ANSWER debacle?

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  • People who don’t pick up their dogs’ poop are not the kind of people who will start doing so after reading someone’s home-made sign. Those who leave their dogs’ poop on the ground know its wrong, but have decided not to care.

  • I don’t think there is any poop problem. There is a random bits of trash problem which, ironically, these fliers add to. So, good job anonymous poop hater, you’ve caused a bigger problem with your signs.

  • Apparently there is some sort of “poop” problem in the Petworth neighborhood. I was with a friend who lives in Maryland on Sunday and while we were talking about how much I love it here, he actually asked about the “pick up after your pet” campaign. How would he know about this?

  • From the kinds of things I’ve seen happen on my block, it might not be animal poop.

  • Like odentex, I’ve got a far bigger trash problem in my area than poop problem. I pick up someone else’s trash just about every day around my house and alley. In the alley, probably the trash collectors causing most of the problem…

  • Amen to that. I was just walking down my alley (after dumping my dog’s poop in the dumpster, thank you) and some drunk guy was pissing on my building. I definitely startled him enough that he pinched off and zipped up quick enough to run away. My only solace is that I’m sure he got some on his pants – at least I hope he did!

  • Wrong again Pauper… I was finished. But I did forget my beer when you startled me.

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