Please Don’t Take The Yellow Line From Me, Please

I’m begging you. Whoever you are who makes these decisions. You can’t do it.

Thanks to a reader for tipping me off to this article in the Examiner this morning:

“A Metro spokesman declined to elaborate on what services might be scuttled, but possibilities include fewer new railcars and buses, less security and safety training,
and ending extra Yellow Line service. “

You can read the full article here.

We do love and ride the yellow line, right?

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  • That would be tragedy…yellow line service has completely changed weekend/late night Metro-ing. I’d hate to go back to 15+ minute waits for a green line train.

  • I’d trade the yellow for a purple… but I guess thats not an option.

  • we gotta keep the yellow line. being able to get to pentagon city on nights and weekends is absolutely key.

  • With all the new condos popping up, not to mention Target and the other stores, we desperately need to keep the yellow line. Soon there is going to be very high demand for frequent metro service by a whole lot more people than live and visit the area now.

  • Ditto on keeping the Yellow Line. We need to spread thet word that this service is threatened, and hopefully Jim Graham will really go to bat for us. Is he still on the Metro board?

  • Agree. We need to make our voices heard. Is emailing Graham the best option?

  • He’s an idiot if he’s not thinking about when the Target will be finished.

  • Anonymous: I trust you mean the Metro spokesperson, not Graham (Graham was instrumental in getting the service here in the first place).

    I’ve emailed Mr. Graham voicing my concern about this possible discontiuation of service.

  • Ok, got this response from Graham:

    “The fair proposal options that Metro is presenting presumes making the yellow line permanent.

    Bests, CM Jim Graham”

    Not 100% what that means but I guess its positive news.

  • cut the yellow line and I will definitely NOT sit in the station longer waiting for a train that costs more…. I’ll be on my bike or (disgusted with myself) driving my CAR.

  • For those of y’all that live near Upshur or near New Hampshire you ought to try taking the 60 or 64 bus to Ft. Totten and avoid the Green line. During the 8-9AM time period there seem to be more Red trains (one every 2 minutes), and despite previous disputes about this, the Red line *clearly* runs more often after 6PM. When I lived in CH I used to spend AGES at the Chinatown station waiting for a friggin’ Green train after 6 and before 7. If you have to go south of Chinatown on the green this won’t work, but for those stopping or transfering at Chinatown, Ft. Totten seems to be a better starting point.

  • Going north to Ft. Totten only makes sense if one’s Red line stop is east of Chinatown.

    If your stop is west of Chinatown, say Farragut North, going to Fort Totten takes about 10 minutes longer.

  • I disagree. First you don’t have to wait as long for a train at Ft. Totten as you do at Georgia Ave. and second, you don’t have to change trains at Chinatown. It’s shorter, not longer.

  • A caveat: this is provided you don’t live close to the Georgia Ave. station, then obviously you are going there…. But for those of us that live north of Taylor and east of New Hampshire, Ft. Totten by bus, then on the Red is a shorter ride timewise to anywhere on the Red line, Farragut, DuPont, etc. Just plug your address into to see the times. Taking the Green to Chinatown and changing to the Red, is NOT shorter timewise.

  • oden, i used to drive to school at umd from taylor st and it took me over 10 minutes just to get up to fort totten via car. that doesn’t include the time i would have to spend waiting for the bus.

    i kid you not, from door to door via red line to green line, it takes me about 30 minutes (with a 5 minute standard error – god i’m a dork) including my walk and i transfer at chinatown between 6-7pm

    now that said, maybe it’s because i live on taylor and west of new hampshire

    but we shouldn’t argue about such things…instead we should be badgering PoP until he tells us when we’re getting our t-shirts!!!!

  • I absolutely am disgusted at how METRO can have such sh*tty service, especially for those of us in Mt. Pleasant where the H lines are ridiculously NEVER ON TIME….and to think they would consider making the METRO even MORE annoying by reducing yellow line service….UGH..I’m so over this city!

  • Yellow line service should be extended to Ft. Totten during rush hour. It’s a great transportation addition to the norther part of the city.

  • I got a sort of a clarication from Mr. Graham:

    “It is not threatened. We will pay if necessary, and I don’t think it will be. Bests Jim”

    Hope this can be trusted.

  • Can’t speak specifically for the H’s since I only ever rode them in the evenings to get back and forth to Cleveland Park… but the complaining about DC buses is, IMHO, well overdone. But, as everyone knows, I luvs the bus. Is that wrong?

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