Not What You Like To See at 08:36

During rush hour, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Why is it every now and then there is a 9 minute wait for the train smack in the middle of rush hour? And why is always when you are running late to work? Murphy’s law, karma?

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  • I hit that delay too, this morning. It’s maddening – right at the peak of the rush hour, the Green Line seems to have a 9-11 minute dead zone. If they’re not going to extend the Yellow Line during rush hour too, they need to give us more Green Line trains. And on the Red Line, they have trains every 2-3 minutes. Grrr.

  • it’s all the da-gone people from MD coming in from Greenbelt.

  • I’m tellin’ you fools… Ft. Totten. Screw the Green line.

    Y’all just think I’m crazy… but plug your address into and you’ll see the times.

  • Why won’t they run the yellow line during rush hour? Have they given a reason? I was so excited to get the yellow line and then I saw it was limited to off-peak times…downer…

  • ugh, i was on the way to an interview this morning and had the same problem. so much for rush hour…

  • Why won’t they run the yellow line during rush hour? – I may be wrong but I think it’s a tracking issue (meaning it’s not double-tracked).

  • I too wonder about the yellow line being shortened to Mt Vernon during rush hour. I have lots of other stuff I want to talk to Metro about so if I get an answer I’ll let you know (hmph).

  • Kelly – the yellow line is not shortened to Mt Vernon Square during rush hour. It has only recently begun running north of Mt Vernon Square. Hence, it is lengthened in non-rush.

    I’d like to see it run to Fort Totten all the time, myself, but it did not originally come this far north.

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