More thoughts on Lily’s Cafe

A reader writes:

“you know Lily’s cafe and that stretch of block on colorado between Kennedy and Longfellow, which includes colorado kitchen, a (bad) corner store, haircut place, and empty space.

ANYWAY, Lily really did a lot to improve her store and the sidewalk in front of her. she put nice tables w/umbrellas out and huge planters with flowers out.

the other day, i noticed that now, she has even planted flowers etc in the dirt by the curb.

but when you look down the street on either side, tumbleweeds practically roll by–it’s derelict w/weeds etc and cracked sidwalk.

it pisses me off that the other businesses don’t care, i respond by patronizing lily’s but wondered if there is anything else i could do.

as you know, just a few touches like pulling weeds and keeping some plants or flowers, things like that, can transform a block.


I think you should contact your local ANC rep and see if a clean up/beautification project can be organized. What do you guys think?

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  • The way I see it, just keep voting with your dollars. My wife and I got to Lily’s about once every two weeks. The place appears to be doing very well; they just hired a new staff of (polite!) teenagers.

  • HA HA HA….wow, is this whole thread trying to be subtle? Hmmmm…who is this all really for? You guy kill me!

    So j.con…the value of your vote is what – about $20 a month? I think you’re going to have to go at least a couple times a week to help them afford that polite staff and landscaping.

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