Graffiti or a Serious Political Statement?

Free Jena 6, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I spotted this car last night across from Mayorga on Park Road. If you are unfamiliar with the Jenna 6 you can read the Wikepedia entry here. But the point is – someone spray painted Free JENA 6 either on their car or someone else’s car. Is this insane or at the least a bit excessive even if it is their car? Aren’t there any bumper stickers out there? If they spray painted someone else’s car then what the hell is that? Thoughts?

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  • Maybe it’s in response to the noose incident at UMCP?

  • Dunno whether it was done by the owner of the car or another, but I can’t think of a better cause.

  • The point is, until a couple of weeks ago, most people hadn’t even heard of this case. You even thought to reference Wikipedia for your readers just to be on the safe side. So, I say, more power to that driver for trying to make folks aware of the situation in a way that could not be missed. I couldn’t do it, but I appreciate that he/she did.

  • If it’s somebody else’s car, then you should be drawn and quartered. If it’s your car, it’s your car…do whatever you want.

  • interesting. i have to say it draws attention to, in a way traditional ‘advertising’ does not. but, as the other comments point out, let’s hope the owner of the car did it him/her-self.

  • the Sept 20 rally is coming up…. one year after the fact.

  • Kanye was right.

  • “Kanye was right.”

    What, is Jesus walking through Petworth right now?

  • Hmmmm…. I spotted this car as well. I hope that’s at least washable spray paint!
    More power to the guy for having such passion for an issue and being willing to put himself out there about it. That said, if someone else sprayed that on his car, well, that just downright sucks.

  • It is a good cause; however, I can’t help but associate this with Answer, since they have shown little regard for law or property and are mere days away from their “rally.”

  • If the messenger had used a bumper sticker, this wouldn’t be a blog post.

    Eggs broken- omelet, no?

  • also, laws and property don’t always earn the respect they demand. so they don’t always get it.

    maybe we need bumper stickers like our friends in Austin, Texas.

    Keep Columbia Heights/Petworth weird!


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