Good Stoop for Stoopin’

Stoopin’ has now been adopted as a proper verb here on PoP. I believe it is the great pastime. When I was growing up we used to play curb ball but our neighborhoods seem to be perfect for Stoopin’. This is a great example of of a perfect stoop for stoopin’. It is the “double wide” of stoops. A perfect spot to people watch on 14th St. with the beverage of your choice.

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  • Maybe the POP party should be on a stoop! We could all wear our POP t-shirts and chill on someone’s stoop.

  • you may like this photo essay my sister did a while ago on stoop culture in dc. i think it is still available on her website: once the site loads, click on essays.

  • We moved th CH 2 years ago and in the first 2 months we would find items left on our stoop over night (the house was empty for awhile so I guess people got use to stoopin on our stoop)… anyway, I have returned some items (wallets, portfolios, etc) and of course threw other items away (beer/liquor bottles, cigarettes, etc). Now my hubby and me are the ONLY people stoopin on our stoop!

  • You can use my stoop for the party! Oh wait. There are going to be HOW many people at this party? My stoop is way too small. But the beauty of those thick old brick walls (instead of wood handrails) is obvious — no way will I replace them with little wooden railings!

  • BE CAREFUL! This isn’t the first I’ve read of stoop sitting and drinking. Ya’ll know it’s illegal to drink outside, even if it’s on your own porch.

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