Good News From Wonderland Ballroom

IMG_4354, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

As you can see the outdoor patio area is open for drinking! You can see how happy these folks are. I’ll admit I wept at the mere sight of a beer on the picnic table. From what I hear the permit is renewed indefinitely. Great news since we have about another month or two of good outdoor drinking weather left.

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  • Is that a cell phone camera picture??? These phones are better than I thought.

  • Nope, got a new camera thanks to my brother. Good eye Christina!

  • …and I’m diggin’ their new fence around the beer-garden. Much better than that wretched wooden thing they had before.

    Is it 5:00 yet? Time for a Delirium & chili-dog…

  • I’ve been waiting for your celebration of this event!!! I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been in the beer garden three times in the past week…..

  • I’m excited to return for quesadillas and beer. Yum.

    Besides, where else can you sit and over hear such poignant conversations as “Totally… wouldn’t it be, like, awesome to work for like, Microsoft?! You know, before it got all like ‘corporate’ and stuff? I wonder if they like, HIRE people.”

    Made my little Seattle-native heart pitter patter with hilariousness.

  • gina: i hear that same conversation anywhere there are flip flops.

  • there is nothing wrong with flip flops…have you even tried them on? it’s as close to being barefoot as you can be…do you like wearing shoes?

    i wear flip flops for as long as i can until it’s almost too cold because they are sooooo comfortable

  • guys in flip-flops get the gasface…

    and for real, how is food at wonderland? never been but seeing as how its around the corner and temperance is too damn crowded/ slow these days and i’m not sold on the pizza at red rocks (and the even slower service) i like wonderlands beer selection but dont ever go there unless its a weekend and insanely crowded

  • do you like wearing shoes?

    Yes. Yes, I do like wearing shoes. The whole being civilized thing. As well as not being a filthy wretch.

  • Wow… why is it that people in DC are so conservative about dress? “Guys can’t wear flip flops.” Straight out of the New Testament..right?

    I’m a proud sandal-wearing male. Go ahead and hate my feet–I could care less. Free your toes!

    And I’m excited the patio has returned!

  • Christina,

    cell phone cameras are getting a lot better. check out e.g. these pics taken with a Nokia N95. Excellent quality. And it has GPS, WiFi, media player, TV out, a ton of applications etc. too! Me wants one. 🙂

  • Not impressed with Red Rocks either. Moroni Brothers has much better pizza and better service.

  • Gforgood, I’ve heard of that Nokia. Now if only I had about $600 for a phone (and that goes for you too, APPLE.)

    Bonnie, how can get more people to go to Moroni and Brothers? I absolutely love the place, but every time I go there (more often than I should) there’s hardly anyone there.

  • Well, then apparently I get the gasface. Didn’t know people were still quoting 3rd Bass.

    Anyway, give me any face you want, I’m wearing my flip flops. In fact, I might wear a pair on my hands now as well!

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