Friday Question of the Day: Whose Responsibility?

Dead tree, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This newly planted tree is just about as dead as dead gets. As I’ve written before one of the great things about our neighborhood are the many trees. But whose responsibility is it to water them? Is it the homeowner? What about the trees in parks? I’ve seen folks on Petworth News ask people to help out with the watering. Is there no system set up by the city or the parks department to water these newly planted trees? I can’t believe the onus is on the residents?

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  • Trees in park belong to the Parks Service.

    Trees in the “public parking” (technical name for the tree box) are city trees, but they do not water them. Those trees are the responsibility of the closest homeowner.

  • If home owners didn’t take responsibility for that area in front of their homes could you imagine what an over-grown mess it would all be?

  • while those tree boxes are public property, and the responsibility, technically, of the city, i think the city has a lot of stuff to do that doesn’t involve watering trees. so, the burden is on the homeowners or renters who reside closest the trees.

  • the city can fine a homeowner if they don’t maintain the area in front of their home.

  • The “parking” area in front of every house is always the homeowner’s responsibility, including trees, shoveling snow, maintenance, trash, etc. It’s just part of being a responsible neighbor and also the law (as far as snow goes).

  • This frustrates me because on my block, it’s an apartment building on one side and some condo rowhouses on the other. Apartment dwellers are not going to take care of street trees because they probably don’t have access to water. In my condo, people generally don’t pay attention to this, but I managed to get one of those watering bags and do the best I can. But there’s still more than could be done.

    It’d be great if, when the city does some planting in the swales, works could put a hang tag on the doors nearby houses suggesting that folks take care of the tree. It would be even better, of course, if the city would water them. Because some trees are not going to get watered regardless, especially if they’re near businesses or apartment buildings.

  • I water the trees across the street…. two little babies.

  • how hard would it have been for this resident to water it? it’s in his/her best interest, anyway, to have a lovely shade tree (versus dead/dying one).

  • The city does not have the resources to water every tree in public space. It’s that simple. They rely on residents.

  • That tree is in front of my neighbor’s house. It was planted by the city after a huge tree that was there fell on the woman’s house during a freak storm. Did major damage. Probably explains why she’s not anxious to nurture this one to maturity… I’ve tried to water it but my hose doesn’t quite reach far enough…

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