Even if it’s locked…

Bike storage, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Is it smart to keep your bike locked up on your front porch or is that just asking for it?

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  • heck no. my bike lives in my house, on our un-renovated sunporch.

    even if it’s locked people will steal your wheels, brake pads, you name it.

  • Darn, anonymous stole my first line, but I’ll say it anyway: OH HECK NO! I won’t even lock my bike in our so-called, “secure”, fenced-in back area behind our building. Even inside our building, I have it well locked up. Darn bicycle thieves lurk around every corner. If they won’t get your bike, they’ll at least get your seat, your basket, your tires, your cute little mascot poorly taped to the handlebars….

  • Two bikes were stolen from a house I lived in on NH Ave two years ago and they were locked up on the front porch of the house, much like the bike in this picture.

    So I’d have to say no, bad idea to leave it out.

  • Not just no….but hell no!

    I bought a bike for a friends son for his birthday. (Cool bike that was a silver trick bike with painted barbed wire and said Rhino on it) Anyway…I left it on my back porch for her to pick up one day and some punk picked it up before she did!

    If I ever see that punk on the bike would it be wrong of my to push him off and take the bike back?? 🙂

  • No way. My husband’s bike was stolen during the day from around metro center even though it had one of those supposedly impenetrable titanium locks.

  • Minimum>> U-Lock.

    Interesting anecdote>> in the “burrow” the specialty bike shop doesn’t carry “high end locks” (or any bike locks for that matter)

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