Columbia Heights Mall

CH Mall, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I think it is going to look pretty sweet. At least this part…

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  • I dunno PoP. Looks like a mall to me. Actually, it looks like Mazza Gallery.

    I suppose we should be grateful that it doesn’t look like the steel warehouse style box stores I see in the burbs. Still, it looks like a suburban mall to me.


  • That is an interesting point. Have you guys seen the outdoor pedestrian malls in Boulder or Walnut Creek, CA? Would something like that be possible in DC?

  • What the heck is that spiral-metal-catastrophe anyway? When it was first going up, I couldn’t decide if it was going to be a hugely round elevator, or one of those circular ramps to a parking garage. Now I’m wondering if it’s just a sad attempt at some “artistic” addition to an otherwise horrendously ugly buildling.

  • I honestly don’t understand why everyone hates this building so much. Maybe I’ve been in the neighborhood long enough to remember what was there before, but I think it’s fine. Do I love it? No, but I’m not bothered by it either. You can say it looks like a suburban mall all you want, but it’s not. It’s a mall in the city. More importantly, it’s a mall within walking distance of where I live that I know I, as well as most of the rest of you, will patronize.

  • it really doesn’t go at all with the city or the neighborhood. all the buildings that have gone up across the street from it, etc., make an attempt to fit in–this building doesn’t even try.

  • hey guys it’s just a mall, not an art gallery and not your house. lets be happy we are going to have some more stores in the city so that we dont have to trek to the ‘burbs.

  • One of the real challenges the area around the Columbia Heights metro faced was the sheer size of the vacant space.

    Whereas on U Street, once the Ellington and a couple of other buildings went up (like the building over the 13th & U Metro entrance), the gaps have been filled in more “organically” by individual business owners and local developers.

    I’m thinking Axis Bar & Grill, Tabaq, 14U, even the little beer and wine store bewtween the Ellington and 14th.

    Around Columbia Heights, it simply wasn’t feasible that those huge vacant lots were ever going to be filled incrementally or by independent businesses – so they had to take the plunge and auction the parcels off to huge developers. This has kickstarted a pretty impressive retail boom in the area, including (off the top of my head) a new Giant, Sticky Fingers, Mayorga, D’Vines etc.

    My point being that while the Target/Best Buy development isn’t exactly the East Wing of the NGA (to put it mildly) nor is it a total monstrosity. They obviously made some concessions to the local area and have built a much better structure than, say, the Potomac Yards Target.

  • It looks OK, but I’ve never been a big fan of the Big Metal Halo. I see on buildings all over the city, and to me it just looks like a cheap decorative slap-on. But, again, that’s just me. And, yes, it’s certainly an improvement over dilapidated, vacant rowhouses and used car lots.

  • oh good, another IM Pei fan (anonymous #3)

  • I find the metal tower things they seem to be putting on all malls to be really cheesy. In Gallery Place, a lot of the new buildings look Disney-esque, painted trim in rainbow colors, etc. But, that said — I am for the most part very happy about all of the development in Columbia Heights. I also like that I live a 20 min walk away and not right around the corner. I think the development around Petworth will be much more neighborhood-scale, which is a big part of why I bought here instead of looking at condos in Columbia Heights.

  • It looks like Pentagon Row in the 703.

  • Speakin’ of Gallery Place, why can’t we have a movie theater in CH?

  • Let’s be thankful it’s only 3 stories and not taller

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