Chevy Chase Bank Has No Love For Some Green Liners

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I used to think Chevy Chase Bank ATMs were ubiquitious in Washington DC. Then I needed to get money. I realized that Chevy Chase has many commericials touting its numerous ATMs in the metro system. Well, that apparently doesn’t apply to many of those who live on the Green Line. If you want to get money in Shaw, U Street, or Petworth you better be prepared because you won’t find an ATM at the metro. So what is up with this blatant disrepect? Clearly in U Street, there are dozens of bars, restaurants and shops, no? So how on earth could the master planner’s not have put an ATM there? Do they think the Green Line stops are unsafe for an ATM? It is ludicrous and unacceptable. I used to think very highly of Benjamin Franklin. Now, he has become tainted by his affiliation…

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  • I’m pretty sure there’s one at Columbia Heights station. Its been there for a couple of years now.

  • Oops! Thanks Tim. I’ll fix that in the post.

  • Just goes to show: Green line is the Ghetto line, Red line is the Rich line. No love for us greenliners.

  • I actually love the green line. It’s rarely as crowded as the orange line and the red line. I always either get a seat or something to lean on. That never happened to me when I used to live on any other line.

  • woodley park, on the red line doesn’t have an ATM

  • I’m in KY on vacation and haven’t seen a single CCB atm. I think they are against Kentuckians.

  • I’ve always been mystified at the lack of an ATM at the U St. station. OK, fine, perhaps Petworth isn’t a major “going out” destination for people outside of the neighborhood, but U St. undoubtedly *is*. It;s just strange to me that there isn’t one there.

    Actually, come to think of it, I really don’t see many CCB ATMs in the District. There are some, but my perception is there are far more PNC and Wachovia ATMs than CCb.

  • i dont write this to be glib, but what you are learning is the reality people in less trendy neighborhoods know all too well.
    a minimal number of basic services.. this is why i so frequently comment on the bittersweet outcome of gentrification… a hood changes, and suddenly, wow- good stores. banks… as if poorer people dont want decent services and dignity.. but i digress. well, not really.

  • It’s a sad reality of life, Reuben–people follow the money. Giant, for instance, never would have bit on the O St. market project without some sign that there was money coming into Shaw. Otherwise, it would have simply gone on with the status quo. It’s unfortunate, but it is–as you put it–the bittersweet reality of gentrification.

  • Hate to disagree… but I much prefer going to Ft. Totten and getting on the Red rather than going to Georgia Ave. The Green line runs too slow and not as often… and getting home after 6PM?? Forget about it.

  • What are you talking about? I don’t leave the office until after 6pm and the green line moves just as quickly as any other line I’ve ever lived on. And, the trains come just as often as the orange/blue/red trains. Plus, once it hits 7:00, you can take the yellow or the green. Even better.

  • Pauper: I used to change at Gallery and take the Green to CH before we bought in Petworth and I could have read War and Peace a couple of times while waiting for a Green train north between 6:15 and 7. At best they run every 6 minutes, but usually longer — and half the trains are Yellows stopping at Mt. Vernon. But now I ride the Red from Union Station directly up to Ft. Totten and I never wait more than 2-3 minutes at the same time period. Trust me, it runs WAAAY more often at that time of day. The only snafu in the plan is waiting for the bus at Ft. Totten, but I’d have to do the same thing at Georgia Ave. In the mornings I get to work 10-15 minutes faster from Ft. Totten than I did from Columbia Heights. It’s simply faster, no two ways about it.

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