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  • Is that on Monroe? I don’t like that one or this one, if it’s not the same one. Have you seen inside that house (again, if it’s the one on Monroe)? It’s nicely renovated but very confusing layout. If it’s the same one I’m thinking, it’s been on the market for a while – you can see the lockbox in the pic

  • It’s an ugly door. I’d rather have a window in the door. They’ll just have to drill a peephole through that likely overpriced door eventually anyway.

  • Nice lines, good colors, a welcome departure from same doors up and down the rest of the block….what’s not to like?

  • Yuck. No. It reminds me of that god-awful wood paneling from the 70s.

  • Hey, anything’s better than bars on the door!

  • This is one of the worst renovations I’ve seen, and as a realtor I’ve seen lot!

  • I did not see this house. Just looking at the picture, I would say it is ugly.
    It looks like a few pieces of molding and panel was glued on the top of a flat door to give some details. It probably works for some people, as you can see some people mentioned they liked a lot, but most of people would hate it.

    I have to agree with the anonymous

  • Sorry..
    waht I meant
    “you should not incorporate any design which most of people will hate”.

  • Sunshine, yes, it’s on Monroe. And yes, ugly door. Except for the front door, the exterior colors are great.

    Because it’s been on the market FOREVER since it’s overpriced and has some really weird artistic details inside, the front porch has become the bedroom of choice for the homeless (possibly when 11th & Monroe park is locked?). Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this? I am tired of my house front(next door) being used as their toilet!

  • It looks like Lurch might answer it if you knocked…

  • Whoo! That’s one fugly door. Did the cops break it in and the owners inlaid some other kinda wood there?
    Just because Home Depot sells it doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

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