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This is a great Church on 13th Street no too far from Logan Circle. I love how sits right next to row houses. Speaking of churches, on Sunday I heard amazing music coming out of some of the churches. I would love to be able to go inside and listen. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly religious nor am I of the Christian persuasion. So, is it ridiculous to ask if I could attend a service to listen to the music? Or is that rude, almost like being a tourist? I’m conflicted. Thoughts?

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  • dude, i’m not religious either.

    but it’s pretty cool to attend services of the faithful.

    it’s a pretty amazing thing to see how devoted these people are.

    in a way it lends to a sense of awe… which expires (for me) as soon as i walk out the doors.


    check out some of the funky stuff at the national cathedral. there’s just something about these religious services.

    they’re so funky, that if i win the lottery, i’m gonna start collecting churches. ;o)

  • Churches are generally cool with randoms off the street joining the services, part of their mission work and all that. They don’t need to know you’re not serious. Just stand up and sit down when they do.

  • I agree, POP. As long as you are respectful, I think folks would be happy to share.

  • Hey all–what if you’re white and you are particularly into the music at Black (or Latino, for that matter) churches? Is that voyeuristic, or is that cool too, so long as you’re respectful and follow what the congregation is doing?

  • No church would mind a respectful visitor.

    A number of churches (I am aware of the National Cathedral, National City Christian Church, and the Church of the Epiphany) have lunchtime 1 hour free concerts.

    Many others (including Shilo, Peoples’ United Church of Christ, Church of the Pilgrims, and Church of the Ascension and Saint Agnes) have special music events at various times of the year.


  • I think it’s just a matter of being respectful and polite. But know that people are probably going to want to talk to you, ask you how you found their church, ask you if you’d like to join and stuff of that nature. It’s a church, not a concert hall. I think if visitors keep that in mind and not act like they can go in and out as if the people worshipping there are just some kind of free entertainment, it’s fine.

  • The point of churches is for random people to walk in. If that is not communicated something has gone terribly wrong. PLEASE do it~~you definitely do not need to be “religious”.

  • Yep, that church is just down the street from us. I agree–it’s lovely. I took a couple shots of it this past spring when some of the flowers out front were blooming. Good stuff, good stuff…

  • Maybe you’re not terribly religious, but G-d is definetely speaking to you through the music you’ve been responding to. I guess that’s the purpose of music in a house of worship, to draw us to the Almighty. I don’t consider myself religious either, but I am spiritual.

  • I say go! Most christian churches, evangelical or not, tend to be welcoming to strangers. Sit in the back, and kneel/stand/sit along with the crowd.

  • what’s really interesting is the number of churches that are actually being used….as most should know. anglicans/methodists etc are declining especially in a young, agnostic city like DC those beautiful churches in NW–do they go empty on Sundays?

  • There seem to be a lot of inactive “fake churches” too.. what’s up with that? Do they get some break in property taxes or something?

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