Whatever Happened to Grass? Part 2

Ok, far be it from me to judge, but look at this corner “park” between The Heights and Tivoli in Columbia Heights. There are a few trees but it is mostly filled with gravel. I think Petworth has a number of awesome green triangular parks that look fantastic. One of those in this location would improve the look 100%. What do you think about the gravel replacing good old fashioned American grass?

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  • PoP, I thought you would have known and maybe you do, but the gravel is temporary, and the whole are is going to be transformed to a “civic plaza”.

  • Awesome! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the correction. Do you know when it is supposed to be put in?

  • i always wondered about that gravel…thought they were just being cheap! What will the civic plaza entail – do you know gforgood?

  • I am not sure, but I suspect they may be waiting for the DC USA to be completed or close to it in any case.

    There are some renderings here:


    Note that those are from October last year. I think I’ve seen another one which did not have a water fountain, and the area was planned more as an are for e.g. a farmers market. I would prefer that, or one with a downsized fountain.

    Btw, the same blog (which is a new one) has news of your beloved Dunking Donuts opening date, and on a “mediterranean bistro” possibly coming next to the Heights. 🙂

  • Oh and wanted to add that I am always a little suspicious of such plans as they often tend to be “downgraded” in the actual implementation.

    There is a thoughful comment by someone on that blog site as well about how such a “top end” street scaping may actually make the area not connect with the rest of the neighborhood.. but on balance, I am pretty exited. 🙂

  • The question everyone is asking is: “Whatever happened to non-blurry pictures?”

  • gforgood, thanks for the link to parkand14th. i’m definitely adding that to my favorites (don’t worry, PoP, i’ll read your blog first). and i am PUMPED at the thought of Hank’s (or some derivation) coming to CH. WOW!!!! not so into 5 guys though because the temptation is too difficult to fight off. i’m going to have to make some trips to ross/target to get some bigger pants.

  • They put up the older version now too.

    Btw, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am afraid the plan may get down graded in the execution. For example, at least for now, the sidewalk that was put down in front of the Kenyon Heights condo (Heights, Starbucks etc.) is not according to either version of the plan…

  • I have never understood the concept of the gravel. It spreads all over the sidewalk, it makes women in high heels twist their ankles, it’s messy…. all around, a yucky choice, even if it is temporary. And by “temporary”, I assume they mean 3-5 years. Ha!

  • every morning a nice man (i think he’s employed by the park triangle apartments) sweeps the gravel away from the edges and into the “pit.”

    the plans on park and 14th blog are a little dated and i’m sure they are a vision, not the actual plans for the street-scaping. you have to take these things with a grain of salt and assume that the improvements may never happen at all.

    after dc usa is finished, the city will implement new parking and driving patterns around the development to take into account the parking garage and the increased traffic on 14th and irving and park rd.

    plus, they found out the if the street designs are too elaborate (like the crosswalks at 14th and r and s) pedestrians and some drivers get distracted by them. odd discovery, eh.

  • The worst thing about the temporary gravel in the triangular park is that it gets kicked out of place by pedestrians, runners, kids, and ends up in the street, on the sidewalk, down by Sticky Fingers, and has migrated all over the block. All they had to do was add a rubber/plastic border thing to the perimeter, and it would have kept most of the gravel in the park. I can’t wait to see the plaza reconstructed in a more durable form. Don’t exactly care what is is, just no pebbles please!

  • The gravel and trees were all donated by Park Triangle Apartments. Had that not happened, we would all be looking at dirt in that triangle until the city finally comes around and builds the park. From what I’ve heard, the city does not want to maintain the park and is looking to all the local businesses to chip in. Maybe if we applied all the time we’ve taken to post here towards petitioning the city to hurry up, we’d have a beautiful park hosting farmer’s markets sooner than a year from now, if that.

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