This is going to be a sweet renovation

Awesome potential Reno, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m very excited to see how this renovation turns out over on 11th Street. It has a super cool center window that seems to be made out of iron with a pretty cool pattern on it. And it looks like the renovation will preserve that awesome feature. If you know of any other cool or not so cool renovations going on be sure to email me the address so I can check them out. I wonder if this one will be broken up into condos or kept as a single unit. What are your guys’ thoughts on rowhouses that are split into condos?

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  • im not so happy…we had a perfect view out on 11th street from my kitchen when the house was nothing but a shell

  • POP, did you see the third story being added on to the large building on Sherman? Can’t remember the intersection.

  • Bonnie-

    I’m guessing you may be refering to the renovation at the corner of Park and Sherman? They’re doing the “no taper wedding cake” thing….one layer on top of another until it looks like it’ll all topple over come the first good fall breeze. Just like the one at Sherman and Monroe, New Hamshire and Upshur, 500 block of Quincy, etc.

  • Looks like Manna, Inc, bought that shell for $100K late in 2006. I wonder if they strong-armed a home-owner to make that purchase.

  • I think that’s it. It looks way to big for a single family home. Probably more condos?

  • I’ve always loved that facade, with the iron-ish bay window thingie. Hopefully they’ll keep the flavor intact… And yeh, I’ve been puzzling over that wedding-cake monstrosity at the top of Sherman Ave. Frankenhouse.

  • To answer your question PoP, I think rowhouses cut up into condos are overpriced problems waiting to happen. When your “condo association” is made up of three what happens when the roof goes? Or your neighbor rents to New Yorkers?

  • I spoke with 2 workers outside that building this morning. They said it would be 2 condo units.

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