Sweet Renovations Vol. 1 – After

Kitchen2Crestwood, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader who sent in this great kitchen renovation pic. You can see the before picture below. This may have been a bad idea because I am super jealous now.

And thanks to everyone who sent in pictures – I’ll will eventually post them all. Keep the pics coming though, if you’d like to be featured as well.

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  • Beautiful! If you’re going to do more of this, and I hope you do, could you get some info from the submitters? I’m a fool for home renovations and I really like to know all those nitty-gritty details — paint colors, who made the appliances, what are the counters made of (soapstone?), recommended contractors, etc.

  • ….and maybe a heads-up on the price so I can do similar!!!

  • Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy to supply details, including the name of our fabulous architect. The counters are a natural Italian stone called pietra cardosa. As for total costs, I’ve been afraid to do the math :o)

  • Yes, I would love the name of a fabulous architect! Do they have a website?

  • http://www.treacyeagleburger.com/
    We worked with Jane Treacy (pronounced Tracy). She’s terrific.

  • Sweet kitchen….crestwood.

    PoP…liking this new idea!

  • I’m confused! In the before there was a radiator and a different wall arrangement–is this the same house before and after, or a “before” pic of one house and an “After” of another?

  • It looks to me like the same room, but with major structural changes as well as “design” changes. (Sink swapped with stove?) Which is why one would need an architect, I reckon…

    What color paint did you choose, Crestwood? It’s really attractive.

  • Can we see a after renovatio picture of other side of the room?

  • I think I’m in love!!! Can I come sit on that beautiful floor and just bask in the beauty? With all the cookie-cutter kitchens going up these days, with the same black granite and brown cupboards, it’s so nice to see something with a bit of original style. Kudos to you. When are you inviting us all over for dinner? 😉

  • Shucks, folks, I’m speechless :o)
    Many thanks for the kind words. Christina is correct, it’s the same room with major structural changes. Sorry I don’t recall which paint mfr or color we used. The floor is Marmoleum, the cabs are quarter-sawn oak. The house dates from the ’20s, and we wanted to keep the design fairly true to that era, within reason. I’ll provide PoP with pix from other angles, should he want to post them. Thanx again for the kudos.

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