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  • lDepending on the logo – I vote for gray!

  • whichever you think looks best with the pictures–but grey would be cool if it looks good

  • heather grey please

  • Fenty green or grey.

  • guess it depends on the logo, but make sure it’s a little bit of a darker grey if you go that way….not the really light grey that almost looks white

  • Ditto on the gray. And a double ditto on the darker gray. That always looks good.

    Is it going to say “I commented on PoP’s blog and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”?

  • white shows stains–grey is good.

  • Dark gray!!! Ok, I won’t rock the boat by saying PURPLE. But I would definitely wear purple. 🙂

    Can you get girl sizes too? I know boys think girls can just wear size small, but boy t-shirts are much longer than girls. I know, I know, I’m being way way too demanding. Ok, boy t-shirts will do.

  • Hey PoP,

    Grey sounds good to me, or blue, but by the sound of things the grey’s have it.

    I hope you’ll offer a variety of sizes.


  • I vote for Gray OR Black..if that option is presented.

  • I have totally different color suggestion.

    Sky blue graphic on brown or brown graphic on Sky blue.

    By the way, gray is not a color.
    It is state of color when a color is mixed with a color that is opposite on the color wheel.

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