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I saw the Bourne Ultimatum last night at the China Town theater. Nice theater by the by. Tickets are now $10.50. And if you want extra cheese on your $6 nachos well that will cost you another $1.50. Damn.

But that is not the random PoP observation. The Bourne Ultimatum, which was pretty good, is an action adventure flick – nothing more nothing less. Well, near the end of the film there was a young woman crying hysterically seated right behind me. Not like a tear rolling down the cheek but full throated sobbing. At the Bourne Ultimatum. I mean it wasn’t Sophie’s Choice or anything. I’m not judging, I’m just observing.

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  • maybe she went to the movie to try to forget about something in her life or maybe she once dated matt damon and is so upset that she let him go. who knows…but yea, it wasnt a sad movie. man, i wonder if ben affleck is jealous.

  • though that movie was awesome (fantastic fight scenes) I’m thinking the chick was crying because nobody likes watching Julia Stiles try to act . . . she can’t . . . it is painful. doesn’t ruin the movie but . . . yech.

  • Judge away, there should be less public acceptance of silliness.

  • maybe she was still getting over the news that fredo is leaving. i know i’m still getting over it.

  • yeah it’s not like you were watching ‘the hours’ or something. but anonymous commenter #1 has a good point–maybe she has trouble on her mind and went to the cinema to cheer herself up…..

  • I once spent an entire transatlantic flight sobbing after an in-the-airport-breakup… my seat mate may have thought that it was the inflight movie, but that was just the excuse so I wouldn’t look like a crazy person!

  • maybe it reminded her of the scene in “Beaches” when Bette Midler jumps off her house to avoid getting shot by a traitorous . . .
    oh wait.

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