No Surrender

Mosquito Solution, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Is a gallon of deet not strong enough? Does lighting citronella candles and greasing up with Skin So Soft just get our mosquitoes in the mood? Well, if we use the solution pictured then haven’t we let the mosquitoes win?

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  • Two words: Mosquito Magnet

    They’re expensive, but I’ve heard amazing things!
    (promise I don’t work for them… I was just talking to a friend about this last week)

  • I live across the street from this house and I’ve been meaning to ask him what it was for. At any rate, he is such a great neighbor, he stays up late and monitors the various alley activities. Plus he cuts everyones grass and weeds in the back on my block every week. He helped me fix my fence to keep my dogs in. He makes me happy I live here.

  • His yard was beautiful too. I hope I didn’t come across as insulting. My intention was only to insult the wretched mosquitoes.

  • I was at a govt world health briefing a week ago, and citronella was rated as one of the lowest levels of protection against mosquitos – those malaria/denge/west nile carrying little buggers.

  • Netting is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly forms of mosquito ‘repulsion.’ The use of nets in Africa saves litterally hundreds of thousands of lives each year…don’t underestimate their utility!

  • I think we should have a POP party in this guys mosquito-proof tent!!!! Think he’d go for it? You could give him a t-shirt if he says yes.

  • it could be in case of rain, too?

  • Nope, I didn’t take it as insulting anyway, and his yard is beautiful. There is a lot of discussion on here about the kind of people who make this neighborhood unique. He is definitely one of them. His grandkids help me walk my dogs sometimes so I only know him as Grandpa although I speak to him several times a week.

  • That looks like a great tent for a party! Does anyone have any experience with such tents — e.g. in case you plan to throw a party and it rains. Is there a place to rent a tent? (Size up to 12 by 20 feet)

  • “Two words: Mosquito Magnet”

    From their website, under “recall”:

    “a clogged fuel line in certain Mosquito Magnet insect traps […] may leak or break apart at the “elbow” joint between the brass and plastic portions, possibly striking and injuring nearby persons or leaking pressurized CO2 gas.”

    Yowza. Think I’ll stick with swatting them away. Also, this is the portion of the comment where I am contractually obligated to point out that DC mosquitos are not nearly as big as Texas mosquitos who routinely beat people up and steal their wallets so’s they can buzz off down to Mexico and buy tequila with their victims credit cards.

  • We rented a tent for our wedding and they are surprisingly very expensive.

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